Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Happy 2009!

Happy new year to all our readers – we hope everyone's celebrating this one properly, we certainly are. Jai Wal will be back next week when we're together again in London. So long, fill the first days of this year with fun and happiness.

Monday, December 15, 2008

Winter redesign

To celebrate the cold times ahead we imported some fine Scandinavian pixel snow and built two paper hat snowmen for our Creative in London backyard above. They might keep us company until the spring sun melts them away.

Saturday, December 13, 2008

James & James hired

Sweet, our good friends James and James just got hired yesterday on their first advertising job. We've been sharing experience with those guys for ages, and after two year of placements they made it. So here's a happy happy from us – do well guys, we're sure you will.

We'll try to catch up that and get ourselves a job in the new year as well :)

Monday, December 8, 2008

O2 banner game

This week we're off at Agency Republic. And today a banner game we came up with and saw through is online on If you'd like to have a look, go on the website, click on the MPU and have a play. We don't think it's running for too long but if we'll get our hands on the files we'll upload it somewhere ourselves.

Thursday, December 4, 2008

me me

Seb has tagged us with a meme. A what? Exactly. Even if we don't really know what it stands for it's a bit of fun. Here are the rules as we inherited from mister Seb:

* Mention the rules on your blog.
* Tell six quirky yet boring, unspectacular details about yourself.
* Tag six other
* Go to each person’s blog and let them know they are tagged.

We think being a team makes it exactly 50% easier and we decided to split it up to three quirky & boring details each.

Jai says

1. I often find myself listening to tracks on my iTunes while singing to a completely different song in my head.

2. Lately I’ve been feeling five again. That’s the effect bottomless orange squash has on me.

3. I always challenge the sun to a staring contest. I’ve yet to win one.

Wal says

4. I cannot jump with my right foot, an odd thing that stopped my NBA career in the early tracks.

5. If I get too drunk I have to close one eye in order to see straight.

6. My sun quirk is that I have to sneeze multiple times if I look into the sun for a second too long.

We're tagging Matt, Simon, Ferris, Sal, Gordon and Jade&Lucy

Monday, December 1, 2008

End of Movember

Thursday, November 27, 2008


Constant bannering at our freelance gig paid off, after 100+ ideas for all sizes of banners we are breaking out of 300x250. We got a brief yesterday for something pretty cool. The idea is done - now we need to bring it to life for tomorrow's presentation and cross our fingers that it will make it. Did I mention that we're excited?

Monday, November 24, 2008

O2 days

Last week we were one of three teams doing the quarterly O2 concepting days of Agency Republic. That's three days outside the agency, away from daily business and 10+ briefs for O2. It was quite exhausting, but very good fun, as we had to come up with lots of stuff in a very short time. By the end of the three days we had a huge pile of work, all of it has been narrowed down and some of the ideas have already been sold to the client today. Good.

Anders Gustavsson is the creative director in charge of O2 and he's also the one who we worked with for those three days. He's been with AR for a couple of months now, having recently moved from FarFar, a pretty amazing Swedish digital agency which he founded with a couple of friends back in 2000. We're pretty glad we get to work with him – he's a brilliant guy and we are learning a lot from him. Very Good.

Saturday, November 22, 2008


An evil cold kidnapped me lately and forced me to stay out of all kinds of social activities this weekend. Which leaves me glued to the couch under a blanket, with tasty Russian style chicken soup on the hob and the good ol' Xbox 360. My Gamertag is 'Verdure' – if anyone else should be on Live. Back to recovery, I need to get better for Monday.

Thursday, November 20, 2008

Quite a view

Although a bit far out, Battersea looks rather nice when the sun sinks down. Today we also discovered the agency's rooftop where we took the above snap. Looks like we'll be enjoying those sunsets for another week.

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Please Feed the Animals

Times are rough, the economy's bad. First hand experienced by a senior copywriter from across the pond. Eric lost his job a few weeks ago, and started a blog for newly unemployed advertising people - Please Feed the Animals. I think it's a good read as it's not that different from getting your first job in advertising. Every little helps, right?

Friday, November 14, 2008


The sun is shining. Bob's voice is flowing from the agencys' sound system. Even though he just shot the sherriff he's telling me not to worry. And I'm not, everything's gonna be alright. We're here for another week. Loaded with work, we made a concept that we're really happy with and the clients' signed it off, production is going to be great fun.

This is post number 300 on Creative in London. Thanks for reading.

Thursday, November 13, 2008

Burn After Reading

I rarely write about movies, even I devour legions of them in my spare time. I enjoyed 'Burn After Reading' on the big screen yesterday and it was grande. I do like all other Coen Brothers' movies, so I was prepared not to be prepared. I must admit that my flatmates & neighbours who came along, were either unimpressed, bored or amused. So there's no definite verdict from the group. Yet I think it is a brilliant film. The acting is great, there is a lot of tacky stuff that is used really well, and the film charms with lots of subtle details - definitely the best part of the movie. I am chuckling all morning thinking back of some scenes.

Seriously, go watch it. The title will make perfect sense afterwards.

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Back to Back

From the back of my mind to the back of my notebook. Random sketch in between things.

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Photorealistic Photoshop

Great ad. Could we get this as a skin for our favourite software?
From here.

Monday, November 10, 2008

Bad Taste

Speaking of Rock Stars. Last week was pretty though, we got lots of stuff done so the weekend was crying out for some fun times. And fun times we had. Friday night was the Bad Taste House party at Wal's flat, everyone dressed his or her worst and rocked out. What a great end for a hectic week, splendid!

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Freelance Republic

Yesterday we landed ourselves a short notice freelance gig which started this morning at Agency Republic, a digital agency in Battersea. We'll be here for a week or two to work on various things. We're done with our first brief, things are off to the client. The next deadline is tomorrow lunch time, where after we'll get another brief. No rest for the wicked as Gav, AR's creative director says. It's our first creative freelance gig and we like it.


This morning on Twitter: "it was a bit like waking up and finding that it had snowed."

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Saatchi Gallery

I made my way to Sloane Square last week to visit the new Saatchi Gallery in the Duke of York's HQ. I've never been to one of their galleries and was quite curious what I will find in this place which 'aims to provide an innovative forum for contemporary art, presenting work by largely unseen young artists or by established international artists whose work has been rarely or never exhibited in the UK'. The exhibition they have running to open this new venue is The Revolution Continues: New Chinese Art.

For me contemporary art is a big gamble, most of the time there is a lot of junk with a few sweet pieces in between. Not this time. I was blown away by the fact that I liked most of the stuff in there. It's the kind of stuff I really dig. Give it a try, you can't go wrong, it's free, and it has just the right size, you won't get bored in there. Some of my favourite shots below.

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

D&AD at M&C

Last week we made our way to M&C Saatchi, where we had Tom and his partner Uche reviewing all of our D&AD advertising workshop work. We had five campaigns in ours but the guys didn't really dig most of them. Blimey.

The stuff they did like though we're accord with as well. So we're currently working with these strategies, to turn them into great campaigns for more suitable brands. And yes, we're quite excited with the outcome we have on our hands so far.

Overall we liked the advertising workshops, the briefs were not very ideal for a portfolio, as they are either charity brands (NSPCC) or very niche products (Rexel eco stationary, D&AD workshops). Nether less it was good practice. And we've met lots of nice people on the way. Thanks D&AD.

Monday, October 27, 2008


Via Adsurd

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Advertising Techniques

*hastily drawing dashed lines around our ads*

Le Publivores

Last week we went to The Night of the Ad Eaters. 6 hours of ads in a cinema with entertainment in between. We didn't stand the whole night, we might have, but at times the ad selection was way to random.

We reckon the IPA just used the french real, as for 20 minutes they had ads running with Paris as a location – zero idea and zero fun, mostly. Now if that would have been London it might have been more appealing right? Overall it was a good night, there were some pretty wicked ads that were fun to watch on the big screen with a non forgiving crowd that applauded the good stuff. Have a look at some of the spots that stood out, they are nicely assembled by Seventy Seven. Thanks for saying hi, Luke & Co. I think I also spotted Mike&Phil in the crowds?

The Bill, and The Chris.

Jai Wal

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

D&AD workshop portfolio

We are just collating all campaigns, and revising a few of them for a final D&AD advertising workshop book which we'll have to enter later today. It will then be sent to M&C Saatchi. They will look through them and give us feedback on all our work next week – should be quite interesting. We're pretty happy with most of the stuff in there. After that's done there's gonna be even more time to rock our own briefs.

Tuesday, October 14, 2008


Working all day, first caf, reading the brief, reading it again, running around in circles, surfing around, playing with the phone, changing location, changing music, rereading the brief, doubting the brief, doubting if you can deliver greatness, giving up, picking up again, thinking, chewing on everything around you, mindless sketching, joking, taking apart the problem, reassembling it again, texting, nonsense, the most random moment, almost the end of the day, the cliched spark, a line from the lips without thinking much, the tense silence, filled with oh's and ah's while a hundred and one new connections are made up there, based on this one thought.

You can't beat this stuff. That's why we're here.

Friday, October 10, 2008

Creative Henna

We're working. On the portfolio. Today it's Tropicana, Kingsmill and Tide. We don't like writing on hands. Sometimes it's fun though.

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

The big guys

Let's see what the advertising god themselves have to say about the first job, the portfolio and dedication, all things which are discussed in the thread below. Black Bag, a worldwide creative recruitment agency interviewed some of the finest creatives about a career in advertising. These bits I like best:

“…The only thing I know is that if you want to make money one day, the only thing people are paying for in this industry, is the quality of your portfolio. It’s up to anyone to decide at what moment they want to move for money, but obviously, the more you work, the better your portfolio is. The best one you can get. It’s as simple as that. People will be ready to pay you because you’re the star of the moment or whatever, but at the end of the day, invest in your portfolio and one day you’ll be able to do exactly what you want. You’ll have the freedom to choose the agency, freedom to move from one country or another or the freedom to get lots of money. Portfolio means money.”

“…I'm a really big believer that your first or second job can really make who you are. You can be really imaginative but if you get bad Creative Directors at the beginning of your career they can point you in the wrong direction and make you do hack work and you may never get it back.”

"If I am gonna to be in this industry I wanna be the best at it. You can't guarantee that you're the most talented, I mean that's something I couldn't guarantee. But I could guarantee that I'd work harder than anybody else. For the first six or seven years, which is terribly for my social life, I'd probably slept in the agency two or three nights a week. I would work as long as it took. I forced myself to write as many ideas as I possibly could. So I would do stupid things like, I'd get layout pads and fill it with a hundred squares. Like post-it notes. And I couldn't leave until I filled each box with an idea, even if I loved the first idea."

Have a look at their site Diary of a Creative Director for more interviews.

Friday, October 3, 2008

We want it, We'll get it

Phew, lots of comments on here recently. We read all of them and appreciate them.

We started this blog as a team to create a platform for us to keep track of our doings, to keep us looking around, to keep us exploring, to keep us writing & thinking. Perhaps it hasn't worked out as planned. Or maybe it worked too well? At some point a lot of people started tuning in. We think it was around the time we started getting our first placement offers. A conversation with you started. And we've been pretty surprised by it. There's no need to recap what was said on the comments, however it's been a lot of everything. We enjoyed it at times, and hated it at others. It seemed more of you were interested in comments then in the things we were actually writing.

Here's the most important thing we took away from it:

Our book isn't strong enough yet, the strategies could be far stronger. Yet it's nothing new, as we both know that we can do better. For us it's a constant process of improving the portfolio, and never to stop doing so because we'll never be satisfied with it. Admittedly we do slow down at times, as we're constantly doing placements. And they always take priority.

It's tough to work all day at the agency and work on the portfolio at night. Yet that's no excuse. In fact that's the main reason we went for the D&AD workshop in the first place. We wanted to have deadlines for ourselves that we had to keep hitting on the side of agency work. But it turns out that the briefs for the workshops aren't as portfolio friendly as we thought (more on this in a later post).

We need to and want to get better, constantly. All creative teams need to. It's our last day at adam&eve today. We haven't got anything lined up. So that gives us this weekend to work out a plan and refine it next week on where to go on from here. We want to make our strategies stronger, make our book more interesting and develop into a better creative team. From what we can gather hardly any agencies are hiring at the moment. So the only way in for us is to be better. We need to make them want to hire. That's what we're going to tackle. There's no shortcut, it'll always be hard work and it will demand a lot of time. We haven't had the luxury to create a book together at college, so we need to be quicker as well. If you like, stick with us and give us a hand. As long as you stay constructive, you're more than welcome.

It's gonna be a fun ride.

Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Have A Wicked Day Mate!

A big shout out to Wal. Happy B'day bro!

Monday, September 29, 2008

Cream – lots of work and a bit of fun

Thanks to Rory from The Talent Business for organising this exhibition. All went smoothly, we mounted our poster and some work on our stand, then enjoyed a cold beer to loosen up just before the first visitors arrived. The work of all teams on view was great, a good opportunity to see what we're up against and to meet more people in the same boat. Cheers to everyone who came up to us to say hi, here's a big hello back.

Friday, September 26, 2008

Cream Cream Cream

The exhibition yesterday was lush. It went quite well for us, we met lots of new people and saw old friends. It was all about networking so we tried to talk to as many people as possible. We'll see what comes out of it. Event photos and more paper hat goodness coming your way soon, maybe even a review of the event? Not now though, as we have a fresh new brief on at adam & eve and will hang around here for at least another week. Way to go.

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Sod Orange Wednesdays

Monday, September 22, 2008

Who's got the strawberries?

This Thursday, The Hospital turns into portfolio land. The 20 best young creative teams are showing their work – and we're in. Good timing as new stuff is waiting to be seen in our book. Is anyone else rocking up?

Saturday, September 20, 2008

It's all about the book

OK, I've been around for some time, and things have changed. I think the portfolio of a young creative team is more important then ever. A year ago when I was doing the rounds with my former partner it seemed the book was a key to a placement. You just need it to get in and then it's up to you to crack the agency briefs and show you are hard working and can do something no one else does in the department to get hire.

But getting a placement isn't enough anymore. We had a chat with a great talent hunter this week and we came to the conclusion that it is really hard to find a place that hires at the moment. Most places are filled with placement teams that have been around and are cracking one brief after another. So finding an agency without a 'placement history' is hardly possible, and if you find one, it's going to be one that's not particularly good.

You need a Rock n'Roll book. One that flashes hard. Before starting the placement you need to appear as the hottest team since Tefal's thermo spot. Making a list of agencies that are likely to hire is a waste of time. You need to have a portfolio that gets people dripping. Fuck the credit crunch, if you are good you will get hired, if not, you will be placementing around. It's all about the book, more than ever. But then again, it always was all about the work, no matter the right place at the right time, no matter if you have a blog or not, if you're good – then you will rock.

Friday, September 19, 2008

LURPAK banners

We just received the files for the Lurpak campaign we worked on during our placement at Wieden+Kennedy. The banners are to be found on various food sites like delia online and uktvfood, although the pages need a bit of refreshing to stumble across them. They are supporting the print and TV campaign that is running at the moment. We've uploaded some of the banners here.

Thursday, September 18, 2008

Delicious ads for dinner

Watching ads all night sounds fun right? RIGHT? Right.

That's why on the 16th of October we're heading to the Bloomsbury Theatre to the Night of the AdEaters. It features more than 350 films of the best Russian, Asian, African, South American and UK advertising spots. They like to call it 'advertainment' and source the spots from the worlds only library dedicated to TV and cinema commercials – the 'Jean Marie Boursicot Cinématheque'. Check out for all details and come along if you like. Bon Appetit!

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

jai&wal at adam&eve

We’ve been on a placement at adam&eve since Monday and it’s quite sweet. Being a start up it’s around 20 people big and everyone is a busy bee. Originally we were penciled in for a month, however it's now two weeks as there aren't many briefs floating around. So out of desperation we're performing daily rain dances after everyone leaves asking for more briefs.

yet we were informed that they might cut it after two weeks if work won't be around.

Our first brief is for the Telegraphs online dating service, Kindred Spitis. Wait, no, don’t bother looking up our profiles, we disguised those quite well (they are for research purposes only). The office is near Leicester Square, that makes it our first agency in Central London, as before we’ve been either West (Lowe & Leo’s) or East (W+K). Central ad ghetto's fun.

Of course there is an apple tree here, we are yet to bite into one. Would you?

Sunday, September 14, 2008

Workshop Mania

This workshop at WDMP has been like two weeks ago but the pictures were lost in limbo – that's me not finding my camera cable. There's also a video clip of a creative team singing their idea on this workshop, but they didn't seem completely happy about it popping up online without their approvement. That should teach us a lesson about asking permission.

Anyway, the workshop last week was canceled, it'll happen this week instead. We'll be at WWAV & Leo Burnett, the briefs are to make a digital campaign for NSPCC for the former and a campaign against Drink Driving for Leo's. Charity all the way. All of this comes as a side dish with our placement at Adam&Eve that starts tomorrow. But Wait. That's not all. If works piles up, it does so in a serious way. There's something else coming up in two weeks time which is already stealing our sleep. It should be good and and it should fun. We're excited.

Friday, September 12, 2008

Campaign - graduate issue

Tipped of by a friend we picked up today's campaign, as we haven't been reading it for a couple of weeks. This issue is all about graduates, how to get into the industry and more importantly how to survive once you're in. Have a read of the online article and if you think it might be interesting, get a copy. You won't read anything you didn't know before, but it's nice to hear some of the things again. There's also an interesting bit about online portfolios for young creatives.

Thursday, September 11, 2008

Seaside in Yalta

I like chess so I couldn't resist to take this picture, old men playing chess – classic.

Wednesday, September 10, 2008


dim3 ak7ion

Creative Blog Roundup

It's time for another look at new creative blogs from around the UK and the whole wide world. It seems like new blogs are popping up daily, some are quite interesting, sadly lots of them quiet out rather soon.

I asked for a car, i got a computer
Ferris (not his real name) is a friend of ours and his posts are pretty amusing, he works in a big ATL agency in London.

Two men eating for three
Stu & James are a creatives & creative directors in a digital agency in London, their blog is a lot of fun.

A week in creativity
This one didn't have an update in some time but it's well worth a look. Robin, a creative from Belgium is hosting the blog and gets a different creative (team) from around the world to write about their week, great insights.

James & Joe
James & Joe are a creative team from the University of Leeds and we do like their blog. It's a collection of fresh stuff with some of their bits in between, don't miss out on their website!

The Barry & Troy Show
Cool stuff on this one, they did have an introduction text on them somewhere but I cannot find it now, but they have some interesting stuff to share.

Sara is a great art director working in Madrid, she started this blog where she takes bad ads and sprinkles her art direction dust over it to make them grande. Wicked.

Small Bears and Bogeymen
Luke and Wilf from UCA (third year) are pretty new to blogging, in fact they just started last week, but it's looking good so far.

One of our favorites. Lucy and Jade are a fresh team from St.Martins. They work at Work Club. No useful content at all, only lots of fun and random stuff.

Sal learned copywriting at the Miami Ad School and just finished his job in Beijing and switched over to Jung von Matt in Hamburg with his new partner Andres – good luck guys!

This is Us
Adrian & Mike are currently placementing (should be a verb) around London, they don't post often but when they do it's good.

Deviant Monkey
Hayley is from Wigan and she just found a Partner, Sarah, with whom she just started her first placement at Pravda, see how they get on.

It would never run
A blog with spec work that could never run, some are fun, some ridiculous, have a look. And if you have some yourself send them their way.

Biscuit Barrel
A Copywriter with the destination London for the first job is leaving his traces here.

Jack from Devon and Tom from Yorkshire have some great stuff online. They post their work and other thoughts in-between placements.

The Idea Bakery
An aspiring creative blogging her inspirations, observations and daily antics – stolen straight from the blog.

Mike & Phil
They graduated from the University of Lincoln and are now rocking London, they just finished their placement at JWT and started their next one. We're yet to have a drink with them, sorry guys.

Live broadcast from my mind
Javier's blog, he hardly posts, but I'm including him here because I wish he would, cool guy.

The Oxymorons
Dip and Rob are attending the Dare school (long placement scheme type of thingy) and they write fun stuff about their creative time.

Harry and Laura, a creative team I've met at the Shelf Award.

Guy and Sarah
One more team searching for their break in advertising, doing weekly ad reviews on their blog.

penny on the rail
A working London creative writes about stuff, and it's quite interesting

Toby's Blog
Toby is a creative writing about his interests, creative work and photography. Check out his sidebar, he seems to have quite a few blogs.

Oh my god it's a German
That's lovely Seb changing his blog for the Xth time, good read.

That should you keep busy for a while. Again, if we missed anyone, feel free to link to your blog in the comments. And thanks for reading ours.

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Shoe Circus

We were really surprised when Microsoft handed over their advertising account to Crispin Porter + Bogusky earlier this year. But it made sense! If there is one ad agency who can help them it must sure be CP+B, right? They had to make Microsoft cool – that's a mother of a brief. The campaign had to be better than those uber good 'Mac vs PC' commercials from TBWA.

Of course Crispins offices are full of Macs, I bet every single creative loves them – and now they have to make ads for Microsoft. Tough job. A couple of days ago they released the first TV advert. It's starring Bill Gates & Jerry Seinfeld, have a look:

I couldn't wait too see Crispin goodness and was disappointed by this average mix of celebrity power and no idea spot. Am I missing something? Maybe the follow ups are gonna rock the show? I'd so love to see Microsoft becoming cool with Crispins help. Their greatest challenge so far.

*This blog post is written on a mac

Thursday, September 4, 2008

Wild Thing

A good friend of ours is looking for an Art Director in London. If you are a writer on the lookout or know anyone, let him know –

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

This week

Hello there. Back in London. And it seems like it's going to be a hell of a week. On the workshop front we're going to WDMP tomorrow and to Visit Britain on Thursday. Beside getting our stuff together for those sessions we need to spend lots of time on our book so we can go back to see Matt soon. Not much 'portfolio time' is left as we're starting our next placement on the 15th of September. Adam&Eve.

Friday, August 29, 2008

50 Today

Let's forget the controversy for a day and remember the genius. 

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

The Workshops Begin…

Last night we had our first D&AD workshop at Feel. It wasn’t an agency many of us had heard of but after a bit of research we soon realized they’ve done some pretty cool work. Chris Arnold, the CD and Partner ran a great first workshop. We didn’t touch on much advertising really, the session was more focused on creativity and communication in general. Chris also dabbled with some psychology and NLP, which was a bit of an eye opener.

For last nights brief, Chris asked us to put together a reaction diary for the week. And last night he explained why it was so important to be able to read reactions, as only then can be really evoke them. Chris talked about many things last night but I think the one point he wanted us to go away with was everything we do should get a reaction.

Here’s the template + instructions we were given, so if you want you can try it yourself.

Monday, August 18, 2008

BFI's Comic Book Season

I've been a huge fan of Superman since I could walk. Read all the comics, used all the stationary, wore all the t-shirts and might have even named a girl I fancied at school Lois. Since those days my obsession had somewhat calmed, but last night it all came rushing back. As part of the BFI's Comic Book season this August they had a one night only showing of Superman II. Oh my goodness, was it good. Overly camp acting, terrible effects, corny dialogue and more Amerciana than at a Bush rally in Ohio. I loved every minute of it. The best part was the fact they didn't use the remastered version. We were shown the original print, so it was grainy, the colour was faded and the sound was only a little better than what we'd expect from a Grundig cassette player from Argos. It felt the way it should have done, it was watched the way I have always wanted to see it; like it was 1980, for two hours I had gone back in time (well kind off).

For those into your comics, there's lots going on for the remainder of the month so if you get a chance I'd give the Southbank a visit. They are showing Persopolis from the 18th-20th Aug, never seen it before but it looks good. I was lucky enough to be given the tickets as a gift but I think they're about seven quid, totally worth it. Right, off to do some more people watching for our Feel brief.

Sunday, August 17, 2008

Jai Time!

Yay, I'm off. Flying to Kiev and Yalta for two weeks.
Jai is going to do his magic here so long – enjoy.

Friday, August 15, 2008

D&AD Workshop – Introduction

17 young creatives and 6 agencies hosting sessions – sounds like it's going to be great fun! The introduction sessions for this years autumn D&AD advertising workshop was this Wednesday, at their office in Vauxhall. It started at 6 but of course we arrived late, blimey!

It was pretty easy going, after all the essential information we started with a simple creative exercise. We mixed into pairs of two and spent some time talking to each other before drawing a poster about the other person so we'll get to know everyone. After that we received some D&AD student briefs (random, the TfL brief was one of them) and worked on them for 15 minutes in the same pairs and presented to each other. Just a bit of fun, getting to know the group and getting comfortable presenting work in front of each other.

The first 'real' sessions will take place next week on Tuesday and will be hosted by the agency Feel. They already sent us a pdf called 'the Reaction Diary' which is quite interesting and promising. We're happy to be participating, we've already met some pretty cool people and of course it all ended in the pub – but enough talk, here are some pictures: