Friday, July 31, 2009

Dan & Amber on advertising

Dan & Amber a creative team at Y&R London gave an in depth interview for Careerplayer about their job as a creative team in advertising. It's very interesting, especially if you want to know what this job is all about. Check it out here.

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Counting the days

Since I'm leaving London on Monday to work for IKEA we had a little Swedish farewell party last Friday which was awesome! Cheers.

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Best of Bucks hunt

Last Thursday my former advertising school Bucks New Uni had their annual London graduate exhibition. They had some really great books on show – a vintage year so to speak.

One of my favourite portfolios was created by Alex & Linda, two girls from Austria who have been at Bucks for three years now and just finished the course with a great collection of work. They have a very interesting selection with many packaging and product innovations and a huge range of media.This print campaign that had me laughing at the show was done by Matt & Matt for Gillete, here are two of the posters.
Have a look at the Bucks hunt website to see all creative teams and their work, there are way more goodies in there. Like Sarah & Laura, Sam & Kieran, Fiona & Sarah and many more.

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Gif photography

Jamie Martinez is a mexican photographer that makes awesome animated photos. Sehr cool.

Monday, July 20, 2009

My sister Anna is half way through her fashion design studies in Hamburg. In order to get an internship in a fashion department she assembled her first portfolio website. Enjoy her drawings and see photos of a model in Anna's first spring/summer collection 'Forbidden Colours' on

She received first responses already, one is an internship offer at Zac Posen in NYC. Other people seem to like it too. Nice.

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Svenska Dansband

While in Sweden I could join a Swedish boy band, right?

Friday, July 10, 2009

Hyper Hyper

Thanks to everyone for the kind comments! All the paper stuff is sorted, the contract is signed and I will be starting at Hyper Island in the very beginning of August, Yay! I can't wait to get to Stockholm and get on with the course. I'll be keeping up the blog and I'm sure with many new things around me I'll have plenty to write about. Stay for the ride if you like. I'm off to enjoy the last three weeks of London for now. Hyper!

ShelfAward 09

Do you know about the Shelf? It's an UK based award scheme organized by Gary Sharpen & Major Players for young integrated creatives. They set a brief for an integrated advertising campaign to participating universities and choose six teams that go forth to the final – which was yesterday at The Hospital Club. It's a bit like the the through the line alternative to the Cream Exhibition.

I had a look around and found some nice campaigns but in my opinion the work last year was slightly better overall. The Shelf is great thing to get young people out there, but the turn up of creative directors wasn't as impressive as last year – recession? Anyway, the team I favoured won in the end, so well done to Ed & Bryan. The guys do have a website up with their portfolio, have a look at their work if you like.

Friday, July 3, 2009

Hyper Island Admission Days

Last week I attended the Admission days at Hyper Island in Stockholm for the Interactive Art Director course 2010. It was pretty neat. I booked a hyper cheap hotel quite next to the school which is a bit outside the city center of Stockholm. The whole thing started at 9.oo o'clock in the morning, after we were greeted and divided into groups the first thing to do was a creative test. Two and a half hours to identify ten common needs people have, pick one of them, explain it and create an interactive idea around it that would fulfill that need and make people happier. Great start for the first day in Sweden. My concept was based around the need of people wantng to experience new things – like trying new food. A service called 'Eat the Frog' that helped people with accquiring a new taste. It was good fun to work on.

The next step was a presentations by students who are doing the course at the moment, telling us what the school is all about. I was surprised by their methods, there are no teachers, no classes and no books. It' all about active participation and learning by experiences. It looks like there will be no spec briefs, all or most of the work done for the course will be created for real clients and have real value. After this session with a lot of questions and answers the next part was the interview process. Mine was with a current student (they always seem to involve students in everything) and an external consultant. 20 minutes with them in a room, I tried my best. The second day started with the easiest part of the process, a written English exam. Afterwards was the way more exciting part, the outside bit. Which was all about team work and self reflection. Very demanding but the best example of what the school will be like.

I think they had around 90 people there, and this was already the third round of admission days. Of all who applied only a third will be taken on. I got my result earlier this week, I got admitted to Hyper Island.