Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Lamp / Lamp

Ahh, just returned from a sweet long weekend from Hamburg, Germany – I went there to visit my family & my lady. Feel very destressed and relaxed even I had to go through London Victoria at 8.30 this morning to get home.

Since I used to do a lot of packaging design I get quite excited about good product design, so when I saw this brilliant lamp the other day I wanted to share it with you.

Designed by 100%, a japanese design company, Lamp Lamp is wonderful a clever & simple product I'd love to have in my home. 100% 'aims for a design that gives you goosebumps' – so check out their website to see more great stuff.

Monday, October 30, 2006

Aurevoir iris

After four weeks on a creative work placement we had our last day on friday at iris London. We both agree that it was an amazing time, work & social wise. They do great work, they have great people and they have great fun! Thanks a lot to everyone there!

This week is all about improving the book, showing it to more people and getting the next placement, quit tough in London but we should do it somehow ;)


Thursday evening we went to for a few drinks with Julie Wright, my former tutor at Bucks university. She was the one who teamed us up, but that's another story (where Rick is also involved in). She is a lovely person, no wonder she knows every important creative person in town. Thank you Julie!

From left to right: Val, Rick, Julie & Kris

Who is who? We should call ourselves hairycreatives

Thursday, October 26, 2006

The morning after...

You thought you can drink? Well, may I politely correct you that my partner Val can do more. Yesterday Iris had a Halloween party where he went to. Unfortunatly I couldn't. But that is alright because I feel a little bit drunk already just by sitting next to him and let me clearly point out - I am talking about the morning after the party.

I can smell VodkaHAHAH tonic, Whis-HICKS-key cola and a weird mix of tequillaLALA, Sambuca and TabasFUCKINGHOTco.
Cheers Val... HICK-UP!

But maybe he just needed a drink 'cause W+K rescheduled our meeting, actually I needed one too :(

Almost got stabbed for not having a costume...

Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Mommy doesn't love us!

Yesterday evening, a typical cold & rainy one in London, Kris & Val visited Mother in Shoreditch. Afterwards the two of us went for a few drinks and seven packs of crisps, in order to get at least some kind of happiness. Our thoughts this morning? Read on...

Kris Wednesday. The day where the revolution begins. Burn down the book and let's press the Re-start button. Here we go!
Val Yepp, the guys had a very good point, our book is good, and we'll get a placement (somewhere else), but it's not good enough. We have to reach 'the next level'
Kris Mmmm...s even packs of crisps. I could go for it again. Yummy.
Val Are you sure? People will rather think well trying to kill ourselves with a salty overdose of crisps after this book review which got us back into reality (which is: we need a better book).
Kris Ok, better book, more salty dogs 'n beer. Stop this talking we need to work ;-)
Val Can do. Thanks to Rob & Andy for taking time and comment on our book. We will work hard and we'll come back in a few weeks time.

Yesterdays lesson: It's good to fail. Much better then hearing 'Yepp, book's good'. Now we need to fail harder, and embrace the failure, while keeping the optimism. And what's a better place to go next for that then Wieden + Kennedy London? This one's scheduled for this evening. Hello crisps again...

Celebrating the blahs at a bar called Redchurch

Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Welcome to Short & Sweet

This is something you really have to check out! It's called Short and Sweet moderated by Julie, a very cool girl. It takes place every monday in Shoreditch, Brick Lane and it's full of creative people. Julie presents short films of young or well known directors which often come around themselves to enjoy.
I'm used to go there with my boyfriend too and we always leave in a good mood and full of inspiration. It's really a good thing and you are all invited to join us next monday. I gonna post time and location later.
See you there, thanks Julie!

Monday, October 23, 2006


Hallo Papa!

How to survive monday morning trains

It's easy! Just don't take the train.
If you have no other choice, well then there is nothing left to say to you then ENJOY it! If you made it on one of the trains you gonna survive everything else too, belive me. Not many people make it on the train. So you are already one step ahead, leaving the rest of your folks back in the station while you are rushing through the dark tunnel underground. So what do you do while standing squeezed with 36 other people on 2 square meters (That's a piece of art itself already but more about that later)? Enjoy the international flavours of deodorant when they lift up their arms to hold on to something (it doesn't really matter where, just make sure you don't fall over). Once more indefinable odours? Take a deep breath of what we call the "monday morning flavour" because at least you are one of the lucky ones who could make it on the train (even after 24 trains but that doesn't count) (english humour). What? Never forget, London Underground is giving their best to make you reach your destination relaxed. Thank god the next monday is a week away and PLEASE don't forget the deodorant.

Sunday, October 22, 2006

Zapatillas Puro shoes & bags

There are many websites out there, providing their visitoirs with the latest trends from all around the world. One of them is The Cool Hunter, in one of their articles they mentioned a very interesting brand from Argentina, Zapatillas Puro, they make shoes and bags in the most fabulous designs. Check them our yourselves, very sad indeed that these pretties aren't sold over here. I'd love to have one or two pairs from their selection – mmhh...

Friday, October 20, 2006

Borough Market

It's a good place to be, espeacially every friday when the market is at its fullest potential. Grab a delicious Falaffel and enjoy it in the sunlight in the garden of the beautiful southwark cathedral. Markets in england are much more exciting then the ones in germany (for us), they emanate proper british character. We are very happy to know that next week, we'll be lunching there on friday again, Iris likes to keep us for another week, and we are more than content to enjoy this place for this time!

Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Visiting Fallon

After harrassing Fallons creatives for one and a half weeks they invited us to come around and show them our work.

Preparing for this visit today, we spent the last couple of days getting our book together in a good shape. We spent our lunch time yesterday to check out London Graphic Center, Brodie's Portfolios and Cowling and Wilcox to have a look at books and that. After considering all options we decided to drop the book idea, instead we bought a chic black box. We printed off all our work at iris, our beloved agency (thanks!) and mounted it on 400g white card. We love the look. And Fallon? Well, they liked it so much so that they kept it to show their creative director. Fingers crossed! The downside of it: We have to print off everything again and get another book / box 'cause we're visiting VCCP tomorrow – no lunch, again. We don't mind starving though, at least when we get the chance to meet nice people.

Monday, October 16, 2006

(M)adness - PostIt

I really love this found, the line reads: For the little things you'll forget. I found it on a random russian website, so can't provide any credits. Anyone knows if this one is a real or a spoof ad?

Thursday, October 12, 2006

Another week

We spoke to Kevin, head of copy here at iris, we'll get to stay for another week. Good news for us! We worked on a wonderbra brief since yesterday and we'll might get some good stuff out of it for our book. The day continues to be blue since we met also
friends today, bluey & his family from the ground floor.

Yesterday was the summer(ish) night out with the creative department. We went to the Comedy Store, free meal & drinks. The show was amazingly funny, just as good as a workout at the gym. We also got to know more of the crazy people at iris. With almost 100 creatives it's a mission to remember everyone's name, but we're workin' on it.

The loonies at their desk

Our new friend bluey, he tastes like yesterdays blueberry cheesecake kris says

lilb, blueys younger brother, nice little guy!

iris slogan, this blue light makes you crazy though, we think they're trying to hypnotize

Blueberry morning

We met up earlier this morning to eat delicious blueberry cheesecake while waiting for Daniel Morris from Major Players, a recruitment company for the creative industry. If you need any contacs, espeacially for the integrated side of advertising, he's the right guy for you. Good Meeting!

Bluejeans & Blueberry cheesecake, good start for a day

Daniel is a very nice guy, had some brilliant advice for us

(M)adness - Wrigley's

Brilliant Ad for Chewing gum, took me a couple seconds though.

Copy: Longer lasting taste.
Advertising agency: Graffiti BBDO, Bucharest
Advertiser: Wrigley Romania Produse Zaharoase
Creative director: Bogdan Mirica
Art Director: Alina Zaharescu,Cosmin Simionescu
Copywriter: Dan Stanescu

Found on AdArena

Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Second week on placement

It is ous second week on placement at the iris nation. We enjoy it quit a lot so far. We worked on stuff for Sony Ericsson, Jack Daniel's and Shell. As this might be our last week here we sent out short & sweet versions of our book to Fallon and BBH.

If you are searching for contacts in certain agencies you should try to speak with someone from LIZH a creative headhunting agency near Carnaby Street.

We are curious when we will get our next placement at. But so far we will continue enjoying the atmosphere and the friendly people at iris, a good place to be, indeed.

Thursday, October 5, 2006

Hello world! We're setting up our blog.

But who are we? We are Kristin & Waldemar. Just a couple of weeks ago we were students in different advertising schools. Now we graduated and starting a career in advertising. We just begun our first placement at Iris, an integrated advertising agency in London.

And what is this blog going to be about then? We will tell you who we are, at the same time we will keep track of this journey. Our voyage starts now at our first placement together – hopefully our way will be an exciting one and you will enjoy it as much as we will do.

Let's see how this will work out...