Friday, September 26, 2008

Cream Cream Cream

The exhibition yesterday was lush. It went quite well for us, we met lots of new people and saw old friends. It was all about networking so we tried to talk to as many people as possible. We'll see what comes out of it. Event photos and more paper hat goodness coming your way soon, maybe even a review of the event? Not now though, as we have a fresh new brief on at adam & eve and will hang around here for at least another week. Way to go.


Anonymous said...

Liked your multi-coloured flower thingy better boys. If you think this paper hat thing is going to be the thing that makes you memorable I suggest you re-read your creative rant again from awhile back.

Anonymous said...

I like the way Jai is covered up and it's all about the Wal. very apt.

Whats with the paper hat thing anyway, do you have to be Russian to get it?

Anonymous said...

You had a good identity, it was an established brand and people knew it.

You changed it to a paper hat with a star dotting the 'i'. bad move, you may as well use comic sans.

You surely must have learnt the power of brand visuals by this point.

dont throw away a good brand because lets face it, thats what you two are.

Anonymous said...

This blogs destroying your chances at getting a job.

Im sorry, but it's true and everyone knows it...

Anonymous said...

congrats on getting an extension at Adam&Eve guys. You must be doing something right! ignore these numb nuts, they wouldn't know what to do with themselves if you took this blog down. Its a great insight into the industry for other young aspiring creatives and a fun and interesting read.

although one thing i would say is that you guys are rapidly turning into a brand rather than a junior team, is this a negative or positive i dont know? time will tell. good luck boys.

Anonymous said...

shut up. i like it.

Anonymous said...

found ur website. really like ryan air and nspcc.

Anonymous said...

Found your website too. It all seems a bit 'Alright'.

There's nothing in there which makes me think 'Fuck, wish I'd done that'.

It's all nice enough but feels obvious.

Paperchase - You're basically saying our paper is ace. Any brand could say this. Think I saw this in a book about 3 years ago too.

Ryanair - How can we make it cheaper is a nice insight, but people are shit scared enough to get on their tin pot planes. Last thing they want is a fat, balding air host. (They're all pretty rough anyway, don't think it can get any worse.)

Hummer - Really don't like this. I can see the angle but it just feels easy. I can see the brief insight now. "Every car company is environmentally conscious, but we don't give a fuck". Again you could do this for any brand.

Abbey - This is an odd one. It's a brave move to do a bank, and the ads are quite interesting but I don't think the idea pulls it through. They almost look and feel like new economist stuff too. Maybe that's because Abbey is Red? If I were you I'd change it to Halifax. t has the worst advertising. Make life easy for yourself.

Transport for London - Nice visual idea. Can't really see where else you could take it though?

Nspcc - Nice little idea, but feels obvious. Kid's getting hurt, Kids plasters etc.

I think your executions are nice. But you're executing very average ideas.

I know it's hard, but maybe you should let go of some of them?

Anonymous said...

thanks a lot for your time, that's good advice! we agree with most of what you are saying, and we're working on lots of new campaigns. some of them are for the d&ad workshop, others self set stuff, we'll share them soon when they feel more ready.

Hayley said...

Maybe I'm being blonde, but where is everyone viewing your book? Can't find anything in the sidebars, and no link to your profile page anymore.

Anonymous said...

You are being blonde.

It's not hard to work out.

Hayley said...

Wow, that's the most useful information that's ever come out of an Anon!

Try actually giving me a hint, while you clearly know where it is.

It isn't under "Follow Jai & Wal". Or "Recent comments". Or "More idea blogs"... you see where I'm going with this? I've also looked on the Technorati profile and found no link to it.

So please, if you must persist with the anonymous comments, at least let them be helpful for once.

*Goes to ask Wal where it is instead*

Anonymous said...

Alot of what people are commenting are simply in older posts when they've show some of the work they've done - I'm not sure if it's anywhere else though.

I remember on the blog they showed - Evian (at least a water brand) Abbey, ryanair amongst others.

Anonymous said...

Wal - where exactly can we find examples of your work, or indeed your full portfolio?

There's obviously interest out there, people wanting to see what you can do/have done.

Hayley said...

Ah yes, there is an online portfolio, but no there's no link to it from the blog. Just drop them a line and they'll probably send you the link - I would but it's not really my place to do that when it's their work.

Anonymous said...

fu-kin-ell some people.

here's a tip try going to GOOGLE type 'jai wal' and scroll down a bit.

jesus christ

Anonymous said...


God how we all wish we were just like you!

Hayley said...

Very sorry that my life doesn't revolve around Googling everything, and that I sometimes opt for a bit of social interaction instead of relying on the internet to be my bitch instead.