Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Creative Blog Roundup

It's time for another look at new creative blogs from around the UK and the whole wide world. It seems like new blogs are popping up daily, some are quite interesting, sadly lots of them quiet out rather soon.

I asked for a car, i got a computer
Ferris (not his real name) is a friend of ours and his posts are pretty amusing, he works in a big ATL agency in London.

Two men eating for three
Stu & James are a creatives & creative directors in a digital agency in London, their blog is a lot of fun.

A week in creativity
This one didn't have an update in some time but it's well worth a look. Robin, a creative from Belgium is hosting the blog and gets a different creative (team) from around the world to write about their week, great insights.

James & Joe
James & Joe are a creative team from the University of Leeds and we do like their blog. It's a collection of fresh stuff with some of their bits in between, don't miss out on their website!

The Barry & Troy Show
Cool stuff on this one, they did have an introduction text on them somewhere but I cannot find it now, but they have some interesting stuff to share.

Sara is a great art director working in Madrid, she started this blog where she takes bad ads and sprinkles her art direction dust over it to make them grande. Wicked.

Small Bears and Bogeymen
Luke and Wilf from UCA (third year) are pretty new to blogging, in fact they just started last week, but it's looking good so far.

One of our favorites. Lucy and Jade are a fresh team from St.Martins. They work at Work Club. No useful content at all, only lots of fun and random stuff.

Sal learned copywriting at the Miami Ad School and just finished his job in Beijing and switched over to Jung von Matt in Hamburg with his new partner Andres – good luck guys!

This is Us
Adrian & Mike are currently placementing (should be a verb) around London, they don't post often but when they do it's good.

Deviant Monkey
Hayley is from Wigan and she just found a Partner, Sarah, with whom she just started her first placement at Pravda, see how they get on.

It would never run
A blog with spec work that could never run, some are fun, some ridiculous, have a look. And if you have some yourself send them their way.

Biscuit Barrel
A Copywriter with the destination London for the first job is leaving his traces here.

Jack from Devon and Tom from Yorkshire have some great stuff online. They post their work and other thoughts in-between placements.

The Idea Bakery
An aspiring creative blogging her inspirations, observations and daily antics – stolen straight from the blog.

Mike & Phil
They graduated from the University of Lincoln and are now rocking London, they just finished their placement at JWT and started their next one. We're yet to have a drink with them, sorry guys.

Live broadcast from my mind
Javier's blog, he hardly posts, but I'm including him here because I wish he would, cool guy.

The Oxymorons
Dip and Rob are attending the Dare school (long placement scheme type of thingy) and they write fun stuff about their creative time.

Harry and Laura, a creative team I've met at the Shelf Award.

Guy and Sarah
One more team searching for their break in advertising, doing weekly ad reviews on their blog.

penny on the rail
A working London creative writes about stuff, and it's quite interesting

Toby's Blog
Toby is a creative writing about his interests, creative work and photography. Check out his sidebar, he seems to have quite a few blogs.

Oh my god it's a German
That's lovely Seb changing his blog for the Xth time, good read.

That should you keep busy for a while. Again, if we missed anyone, feel free to link to your blog in the comments. And thanks for reading ours.


Advertising said...

Hey guys, cheers for the link! It's cool to be included in a list of cool blogs. Much appreciated :)

Guy and Sarah.

Hayley said...

I second that thought! Thanks for the link guys, though I think mentioning that I'm from Wigan will have everyone running in the opposite blogging direction! : )

Luke & Wilf beta said...

Thanks for the mention guys, especially seeing as most of these blogs are hotter than ours.

We are putting some stuff together to try and do ourselves justice. So far we hope that we are giving a taste of what we are about.

How are the workshops going? Adam & Eve are soon for you as well, good luck.

Thanks Again

Slave #24601 said...

Why thank you!! Always nice to be noticed. If anyone read our blog we would be certain to return the favour.

Biscuit Barrel said...

Thanks lads!

The Oxymorons said...

God we hate Wal*