Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Wal & Banksy in Bristol

On Saturday the national train took me to Bristol so I could have a look at the new Banksy exhibition (watch this video). It was one of the best museum visits I've been to. After queueing for almost two hours we saw the entrance area, fully taken over by Banksy. Inside there was another queue to see the 'Banksy Room' with lots of his stuff and tools. The next room was full of cages with the best animated sculptures I've seen. But that's only where the fun began, the rest of the museum looked normal but if you'd be very observant you could discover the details he changed, sometimes more prominent, sometime less – like a dildo in between different stones and minerals. Because of those hidden goodies you would doubt many things in the old museum. Is this real? Is this Banksy? Very very amusing. Go have a look if you don't mind a ride to Bristol. A train journey makes for a nice place to think about ideas.

I'm writing this from Stockholm. I arrived in my Hotel a bit ago and will go to sleep now, as the Hyper Island fun will start tomorrow rather early. I'm excited. Don't know what to expect.

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

The Next

I'm back in London from Kazakhstan. It's been great being there and seeing many new things. More pictures will follow. But for now I'm planning what to do next. There are three routes I am considering. The first one would be to do a postgraduate course. I haven't applied to the Watford course, neither to Falmouth one. My application went all the way up north to Sweden, to Hyper Island where I applied for the Interactive Art Director course.

It's a one year course for people with work experience to dive in into interactive media. I think combining this with my former studies in design and creative advertising makes a lot of sense. So far I've passed the first application stage and I've been invited to the admission days in Stockholm next week.

The other more than interesting thing is W+K's Platform. Wieden+Kennedy is opening their own creative school for 12 people for six up to nine months. The deadline for this is in two weeks (3rd of July) so right now I'm working on an entry. Remembering my friends participation in the W+Kside application process, I know that there is going to be fierce competition from all around the globe for spaces on this program. I'll do my best to get a shot – how great would that be?

The third option is a direct one, looking for a new creative partner and get a first placement and turn it into a permanent job. Tough, but possible, it's just about finding someone who fits. So if you know anyone looking for an art director, send an email my way – write (at) creativeinlondon (dot) co (dot) uk

Share your thoughts with me on those things, I was considering Watford but many of you told me that agency experience is way more valuable, which I agree to. Thus Hyper Island, most of the time they teach at agencies and there are great work placements available. But to be completely honest, I'd prefer to stay in London and finally start off in a permanent position here.

Monday, June 8, 2009

Goodbye Scamp

On sunday my favourite blogger Scamp announced his last post. Good luck on his way and I'm sure he'll be back sometime, at least for a post or two.

Monday, June 1, 2009

Wal in Kazakhstan

As I have some time off I've taken a flight and arrive in Almaty, Kazakhstan last Friday. I haven't been here for over three years now so I'll have two weeks to visit my grand parents, explore the city and do some packaging design and print advertising for my Dad's company.

The weather is great, it's super hot, around 30 degrees and it's a complete different world. It looks like my camera charger died on me so I'm taking blurry pictures on my iPhone which I'll share below. If all works out I should be back in London on the 15th of June.

And no, it's not like in Borat's movie.