Monday, November 24, 2008

O2 days

Last week we were one of three teams doing the quarterly O2 concepting days of Agency Republic. That's three days outside the agency, away from daily business and 10+ briefs for O2. It was quite exhausting, but very good fun, as we had to come up with lots of stuff in a very short time. By the end of the three days we had a huge pile of work, all of it has been narrowed down and some of the ideas have already been sold to the client today. Good.

Anders Gustavsson is the creative director in charge of O2 and he's also the one who we worked with for those three days. He's been with AR for a couple of months now, having recently moved from FarFar, a pretty amazing Swedish digital agency which he founded with a couple of friends back in 2000. We're pretty glad we get to work with him – he's a brilliant guy and we are learning a lot from him. Very Good.


Anonymous said...

Sounds good but...

'overlooked our work for those days'???

Oh and by the way - I think this might be your first proper job. I've been down to Ladbrokes and they've slashed your odds.

Anonymous said...

0h, leave the man alone he meant 'overseen'.

well done, bud.

Anonymous said...

cheers, jai just fixed that. the old ruski makes mistakes with funny words sometimes.