Thursday, December 21, 2006

Last second xmas present

Just celebrating the last day before holidays, worrying about our flights (we're flying tonight but there is evil fog everywhere in London), we received a phone call from Nick Bell, JTW London. They want us in from January 10th for a month long placement, which is brilliant. We were worried a lot since we didn't have anything lined up, but now we can start the xmas vacation very relaxed knowing that we'll have a place to work and be creative at in the new year. It takes a load off our mind!

Monday, December 18, 2006

A few ideas

We've been working a lot on our book lately, so far the outcome is strategies and some execution ideas. Here they are. Comments are very much welcome!

Friday, December 15, 2006

Sri Lanka?!

After uploading some of our work on the D&AD talentpool website we got an email the next day from an ad agency from Sri Lanka. We met up with them three weeks ago when they visited London to hire people. Now we have a job offer from them. They want us to come to Colombo, Sri Lanka and work in their creative department for six months. We cannot decide. It sounds tempting, it sounds very much like an adventure, go to a country you never thought of and explore. But is this worth enough to leave London? We are afraid of missing out here, and we aren't sure of the creative standard there. Any thoughts or advice?

Lick it good!

We had a tought brief today, the strategy was 'making it sticky'. Both of us gave our best in order to envelope all the christmas cards, Kristin's tongue got dry after the first 200 so she had to water it from time to time. We succeeded in the end! Everything's sealed.

Beer evening

Thanks for coming around yesterday to everyone! Didn't capture everyone on camera, will do so next time. It was good to see everyone, we expected more people to come, but it's christmas party time. Good luck to all with their placements and the job-hunt! Congratulation to Nishma & Anna who got their first job at Chemistry, well done! Also to Chris & Bill who got their first TV ad + poster produced and running!

from left: James, Rick, Gary, Hannah, Yasin, Kristin
also there: Nishma, Anna, Val, Goran

A present for Xmas?

Christmas is coming up, time is running away – we still have loads of work to do. We promised ourselves to have a few new spec campaigns ready for January, so far we've got some strategies we like and we are about to run them by our favorite creatives. Our placement at pd3 seems coming to an end after Christmas, so long we're still enjoying to work on ambient ideas here!

But just when we were starting seriously worrying about having a placement for January people started to call us with possible offers. We're looking forward to hear more from DraftFCB, the Law Firm, Grand Union and JWT. Could Santa please bring us news about a placement for the new year?

Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Meet for drinks

Tomorrow night we are going for drinks + talks to meet up with former Bucks advertising students and friends. If anyone wants to join in, you're welcome to pop around. Thursday starting 7ish at 'The Blue Post', 81 Newman Street, W1T 3ET London, nearest tube Tottenham Court Road. Sounds like a younger version of coffee mornings, doesn't it?

Monday, December 11, 2006

Live in concert

Looking through Springwise I found tourfilter, a neat tool to keep you up to date with the tour date of your favourite artists. I was missing such a site without knowing it.

'The concept is simple: a user sets up a (free) account, picks his/her own city, and then enters all of the bands he or she would like to see in concert. Twice a day, Tourfilter's software crawls through live music venue listings for each city it covers. If it comes across a band people are tracking, it sends them an email, and lets them receive show updates via RSS or iCal.'

One thing that was slightly annoying though is to actually enter the band names. A logic next step would be a tourfilter build into iTunes, so I could set up a 'Live Column' next to genre and see the next concert date – maybe buy tickets via MusicStore?

See my band list here.

Wednesday, December 6, 2006


Woooooh, an amazing video, interesting but slightly disturbing.

'Rabbit, an animation by Sclah Film could well be the weirdest animation you have ever seen. It won the Best Film At The Cutting Edge Award at the British Animation Awards 2006. Bizarre and original, it delivers a strong message at the end of the animation.'

Do you like it? I certainly do.

Found on PSFK

What we're up to now

Our placement at pd3 is going very well, we feel really good here and it's quite busy. Our briefs include the guardian, o2, a museum and several novel launches. The best thing? All of the work is ambient or stunt, so we get well practiced in creating brand experiences and interacting with our surrounding – urban communication.

We got asked to stay here for the next weeks, so that's brilliant. At the same time we try to spend as much of our free time as possible to get a new book together, you can expect some stuff on this topic very soon.

Kristin is feeling half-dead today, since we worked on some strategies for airlines yesterday (in the pub) and it turned into a discussion about fear of flying she could only stand with some drinks, maybe too many? I hope she'll be fine since we have a bookcrit scheduled at TBWA later on. Maybe she will even be able to do the D&AD president's lecture tonight?

Desk at work

View from the back of the pd3 office

Friday, December 1, 2006

Last friday @ Studio52

Yes, it was a glorious partay. I enjoyed it a lot and hopefully everyone who attended. The good news: this weekend we've got two more houseparties scheduled, one on our floor, the other on the first floor, Wool House is goin' crazay!

Quick impressions from last friday