Wednesday, June 15, 2011

RW website update

Right, we're almost done finishing up the freelance projects that we've been involved in for the past few months. Now, Robbin and I are looking for an agency to call home again and we've updated our online portfolio to start off the search. First, a short video to introduce ourselves:

Additionally to some new work (Domino's Pizza Race and Soundtracks) we reworked the About Us section to look like this:

To round it all off we designed all new business cards that turned out quite nice. We hope to have the opportunity to give a few of them next week during the Cannes Lions festival. We'll be sharing our progress on our Facebook page, check it out if you like.

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

The Internet is Magic

Justin Gignac is an art director – but his ideas are so much better than advertising. I've just enjoyed the talk he gave for the PSFK NY conference over my morning coffee and have to say that his work is absolutely inspiring. The best talk I've seen in a while:

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Aled Lewis

While browsing through my recent favourite art magazine Juxtapoz, a double spread with the above photo/illustration grabbed my attention. Being a kid of the 8/16 bit era I immediatly fell in love with this series of 'Video Games vs. Real Life' by ultratalented artist Aled Lew. There's more in the series on Flickr. Also don't miss out on more inspiring goodness from Aled Lewis on his website.

Monday, June 6, 2011

Robbin Waldemar in Amsterdam

A week ago Robbin and I made our way to the Netherlands for the very first time. The main reason for the trip was a visit to the Wieden+Kennedy Amsterdam office. There we met up with creative director Alvaro Sotomayor who also introduced us to the ECD Mark Bernath. They have a fabulous office by the canal and the place seemed full of energy so we were very happy to get the possibility to show them our work. To use our time in Amsterdam to the fullest we also got ourselves tickets to Portfolio Night which was happening the same week. 

The event was hosted by AKQA and they made sure for everyone to have a good time. First we presented our work to another ECD of W+K, Eric Quennoy which rounded off our Wieden experience in Amsterdam rather well. We then went on to meet Richard Gorodecky (ECD of Amsterdam Worldwide), Nick Bailey (ECD of AKQA) and Christian Bunyan (CD of Kessels Kramer). The evening was a perfect testing ground for our new concepts (Domino's Pizza Race and Mini Soundtracks) and helped us to get a first impression of the creative industry in Amsterdam. It was also the first time we showed our work on an iPad – and I gotta say it's a brilliant tool for a creative portfolio – better than a laptop and way superior to a printed portfolio.

Altogether we enjoyed the city of Amsterdam a lot and made many new friends. The industry creatives that we were lucky enough to meet all liked our work so we have our fingers crossed to visit this interesting place again soon.