Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Da Fresh post-it fruits from our desk

Any similarities with actual persons are not intended, maybe.

Thursday, February 22, 2007

'Does he look like a bitch?'

I love this part - I love this film, and many will agree. If you're a Pulp Fiction fan or interested in moving typography you should it check out! It's a typographic interpretation of the famous monologue 'What does Marcellus Wallace look like?' done by Jarratt Moody, great stuff.

Found on aurgasm

Tuesday, February 20, 2007

The enchanting inspiration of the web

A lot of advertising briefs are currently on our table at JWT. Some of them are tough ones which have been in the agency around for some time now - and no one has cracked them so far - that's an ad-world-word by the way, you crack briefs, you crack a poster, everything can be cracked - well lets crack on.

We've been trying to do our best on them but got stuck with one of the products and Kristin was looking for a solution, a new approach. Eager to go beyond reality and searching for the magical idea we approached an oracle, a digital crystal ball, more known as a sloganizer.

It was fun for a couple of clicks but our definitive result: The magic ball seems not like the solution we sought for - that is unless you can sell the headline 'leaves your cornflakes minty not mediciny' to your creative director.

There are more helpful things in the world wide web. Everyone looking for inspiration, take a look at this flickr pool, it feels like a short trip away from the office to some great places. Or read Mario Pricken's interviews with creative minds around the world (some are in German though). If you prefer audio pleasure tune in to your favourite music you've never heard before or browse through a directory of wonderful things.

The web is such a great thing, it won't solve (most of) your problems but if you use it right, it's the best creative tool you can imagine, there is so much more to it than myspace and youtube. For more website check our links. If all this doesn't help, maybe try tarot cards?!

Friday, February 16, 2007

Val's old old homepage

Just been googling my name (I wouldn't believe anyone saying he or she never done that!) and found some old stuff on the internet, like my very first homepage. The website is still online mostly for sentimental reasons and as a reminder for me to make a new one. Well, I wanted to make a new one for about 3 years now, dozens of layouts later still nothing happened - it's so much easier having a blog isn't it?

Anyway is now over 6 years old, Kristin says it looks like I was a geek before, maybe she's right? (ok I was into fantasy back in high school when I did this website).

Sorry for those who can't read german, but you won't miss much. Also found that I still have an account on deviantArt. I am really motivated to do more design again, all this black marker white layout pad thing is pretty good for ad ideas, but where is the beauty in that? Yes I'm a design addict and I'm thinking about getting hooked again...

I feel like posting one of these 'five things you don't know about me' entries - probably feeling the urge since we never got tagged.

Creative Linkage

In the last couple of weeks, we discovered a lot of blogs from creatives. Before we mainly were reading planning blogs. It's like buying a red hat, suddenly you see so many people wearing one, and it's not like they weren't people with red hats before - now you just pay more attention to it. We like most of these blogs and read them on a daily base so we would like to share with our readers (who probably know most of these blogs).

We want to make sure that our blog is not a dead end which leads only to agency website - most of them are way less interesting than blogs anyway. Enjoy the new links on the right side and also underneath:

Ads are boring
Alice in adland
David & Pheobe
Gwen Yip
Fake it until you make it
Freddie & Hollie
wowee, wow.

Tuesday, February 13, 2007

D&AD says NO!

Well, that pretty much sucks, we liked the work we've submitted for their brief a lot, looks like Ogilvy & Mather didn't. Can't please everyone. Time to push the button on our wall.

First produced poster

On Thursday we had our first photography shooting for JWT. The whole thing went quite smooth since the setting was relatively simple. So we got to spent the whole day in Graeme's studio doing the shots, learning about photography and enjoying a nice lunch. On friday we worked on the layout and the retouching and this thing should run soon as a six-sheet poster - we're excited.

After being a month on placement at JWT, we got told to stay for another couple of weeks which is good since we have a lot of briefs on our table.

Setting up the products
Our subtle attempt to sneak into the picture's background

Monday, February 5, 2007

Sweet briefs

Since we started our placement at JWT, we almost only had briefs for chocolate and sweets. So we worked, and snacked, Nestle After Eight, Aero Bubbles, Aero Mint, Quality Street, Munchies and Heaven...

Now we are totaly below regular sugar level because we also worked on Kellogg's - way too healthy! I guess me and Val put on 12o kilos weight together.
We start eating sweets in the morning, in between, before and after lunch, we have it for dinner and as dessert. From all the chocolate vitamins and working long hours without seeing the sun, our skin became pale and wizenly - ihhh.

If you wanna help us, donate, so we can afford the gym. Or get send us some briefs NOT related to food, Weight Watchers maybe? Nah...

Thursday, February 1, 2007

We got a pencil!

Hello world! Yesterday was the deadline for entries for the D&AD advertising winter workshop. Even though we were mega busy with JWT stuff, we managed to finish our entries right on time. The official deadline for the work to get there was 5:oo pm - so at 4:30 pm we tried to order a courier. They told us that they are not gonna make it in time anymore. 'AAAAHHH' Panic, stress, sweating. If the works doesn't get there in time they not gonna accept our entries and everything was for nothing. So what to do? We jumped in a cab rushing through the crowded streets of London and handed the work over to the man with the grey hair at the D&AD office. It was quiet an unspectacular ending after all this excitement. But look, we received pencils already in advance.