Thursday, September 18, 2008

Delicious ads for dinner

Watching ads all night sounds fun right? RIGHT? Right.

That's why on the 16th of October we're heading to the Bloomsbury Theatre to the Night of the AdEaters. It features more than 350 films of the best Russian, Asian, African, South American and UK advertising spots. They like to call it 'advertainment' and source the spots from the worlds only library dedicated to TV and cinema commercials Рthe 'Jean Marie Boursicot Cin̩matheque'. Check out for all details and come along if you like. Bon Appetit!


Anonymous said...

Fuck me... that is the saddest thing I've heard.

You have to get out more!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

That sounds like utter hell.

Mike said...

I think it sounds alright, might make an appearance - how long can you get away with using your student card?


Anonymous said...

I've been there before and I wouldn't recommend it guys. It's shit.

Anonymous said...

I think you guys need to do things taht aren't advertising or designed or even art related.

here's an idea, buy a gram of k, both get into a k hole and i assure you, the world will seem like a more creative place.

Go on, i dare ya.

Anonymous said...

I think I'm going to stay in and watch reruns of family fortunes and catchphrase.

Anonymous said...

How about gigs? Engrossing yourself in too many ads is gonna make you do sterotypical ads - we want ads that don't feel like ads.

The Oxymorons said...

A gram of K?

Have a gram of K, then go and watch the ads. Could inspiring or pure hell. I'm not sure about this. Yes you're going to be reliving some great ads, but is that not living in the past? That's the problem with books these days. Same strategy with a slightly different visual.


Anonymous said...

To 'the oxymorons'

From what I gather you are a couple of 20 year old grads desperate to appear older and more experienced on the placement round-about than you are so how the hell can you leave comments like 'That's the problem with books these days. Same strategy with a slightly different visual' ??

Anonymous said...

To the anon talking to the Oxymorons.

You couldn't have hit the nail on the head any better is you had a laser-guided hammer launcher.

Doubt they'll listen though.

Anonymous said...

Guys I think you're forgetting something but the Oxymorons must see so many books in their senior role as a placement team at Dare.

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

Are the oxymorons the new proxikid?
a.i. pedantic know-it-alls with no bloody idea of what they're talking about?

You be the judge.

Anonymous said...

The oxymorons do have a point - the same old strategies pop up time and time again in student books. Like a porsche ad: "Look who's laughing now".

The big irony with Wal's blog is that I don't really think any CDs comment here, me included. So no one's really qualified to judge each other on experience.
The slaggings off aren't even that funny and they're juvenile... learned CDs would never write them.

We're really all a bunch of jumped up c*nts trying to prove who's got the big willy.

Fuck off.

11 inches by the way.

Anonymous said...

Getting inspiration from other ads.

Probably the reason why you don't have a job, because you're not doing anything different.

12 inches

Anonymous said...

you've gotta learn the rules to break them, so might not be a complete bad idea to attend this ad evening... however you've both studied advertising and show already know how to make ads!?

The Oxymorons said...

Bitter, petty anonymous people.

“Prejudice is a great time saver. You can form opinions without having to get the facts.”

I stand by what I said. Same old strategies being used time and time again. Look at the D&AD new blood this year. You don't need to be a senior team or a CD to realise the repetition in student books or even in industry today. Just look around (Degree Shows ...)

Our views have come from the book crits (possibly even the agencies you work at) we have been to over the past 2 years, and we totally agree. It should be standard to strive to have a different book.

We all flick through advertising books to be influenced (not the only source), but when you copy ideas and change the brand it becomes embarrassing. You are cheating your self.

Its jokes that some of you 'anons' make out that we are, an egotistic jumped up placement team.

Sounds very familar to be honest. Afraid I won't be there tonight, have fun and say hi to Jules. x

@10:55:00 AM: Glad we share the same point. It's nice to see Wal not getting the 'internet bully' treatment for a change. It's true what they say about creatives in the industry when the have a bad day, or just bored because of the lack of work.


*All of the above are my opinions and my partner may disagree.

The Oxymorons said...

Almost forgot...

8.5inch "Keep it rural"

Anonymous said...

christ, the oxy moron sounds like a grade a twat.

as if your pic was not bad enough you sound so up your own arse it's unreal.

by the way I'm not a 'placement' person.

The Oxymorons said...


Anonymous said...

I'm not joining in the have a go at the Oxymorons, as you're probably nice guys, I just don't see the point of giving your team a name?

I agree that branding yourselves in this industry is important, but surely the work should be your brand, or even your blog, or the other non ad stuff you might do. Not some silly name and a "wacky" picture of yourselves.

The only branded person I can think of is Tiger Savage...I think this says it all. Personally it seems to feel very studenty.

I bet in a few years you guys will look back and feel quite embarrassed. Like when you look back at your old school photos and see those bad clothes and haircuts.

Anonymous said...


totally agree, grow up morons.

are you taking the piss with your 'name' and photo... do you really think it's cool.

I think any ECD's would piss themselves laughing turned up for a crit with your nice gasmasks on.

I guess you are not aiming for a job in advertising anyhow seeing that you are on placement at Dare.

Keep up the good work fellas.

Anonymous said...

Average, but with a good bit of girth.