Monday, September 22, 2008

Who's got the strawberries?

This Thursday, The Hospital turns into portfolio land. The 20 best young creative teams are showing their work – and we're in. Good timing as new stuff is waiting to be seen in our book. Is anyone else rocking up?


Anonymous said...

How many times have you done cream?

Anonymous said...

20 best. Says who?

Anonymous said...

from their website:

'The winning teams are picked by a group of independent judges consisting of various Creative Directors and Senior Creatives from the top advertising agencies. This year the panel already includes Kate Stanners (Saatchi & Saatchi), Nick Bell (DDB), Al Young (St. Luke's), Shaun McIlrath (Iris), Jose Cabaco (Euro RSCG NY), Danny Brooke Taylor (MCBD), Yan Elliott & Luke Williamson (WCRS), Logan Wilmont (Draft FCB), Mark Hunter (Euro RSCG), David Prideaux (Publicis), Ben Priest (Adam & Eve), Johan Tesch and Dominic Goldman (BBH), Justin Tindall (Red Brick Road), Ringan Ledwidge (Rattling Stick), Al Young (TBWA) and Simon Veskner (BBH).'

Anonymous said...

Wow, can i dick your modest bumhole?

Put your creamy book up on here, i dare you.

Anonymous said...

why would we share it with anonymous guys who insult us when we have get to show it to some of the best of the industry this week? but no worries, we'll put it online as well at some point.

Anonymous said...

Who's got the strawberries? That pun just about sums up the creative calibre on this blog.

Wal - stop fucking about with twee little blog entries and knuckle down on some serious big briefs and get a job off some fresh and smart ad campaigns. You've done placements in practically every agency in London now. You're running out of time... where to next.

You're such an enthusiastic guy with a great heart but the reason everyone is so vitriolic on this blog is cos they're so frustrated you're being so shortsighted about nailing a job.

Choose the agency you really want to work at, list all their clients. Then sit down with Jai for a month and do a whole book of fucking amazing new campaigns for them. Then present them to a middle/senior team at said agency. They will get you a placement. Then almost kill yourselves to shine in that month placement. You will then be given a work trial and then will get a job.

Do it.

For fuck's sake.

I'm done now.

A concerned blog follower x

Anonymous said...

I don't see where in your quote Wal it says '20 best creatives' It's more a list of the top people from the ad industry who are judging.

You're obviously pleased to get in again, so well done. Make something of it though!

Didn't you do Cream last year with Jai also before you officially teamed? I seem to remember you not taking up placement offers because Jai was working in accounts...

Enjoy the evening though, I wish you all the best and look forward to seeing some of your new work and to hear what the top ad guys think to it.

The Oxymorons said...

@Wal: Exactly, why should you share it with anonymous guys, especially with the timing. I like the way how all these people are getting worked up about the fact that you two have not got a job yet. Good luck with Cream and I really hope you get some thing out of it.


Anonymous said...

why wouldn't you show your work?

I agree it's wise to get the feedback and opinions of those in the know at Cream, but that's not to say presenting their work on here won't aid them too.

And as for people getting worked up about them not having a job yet, I'd say that shows people think he's talented enough and enthusiastic enough to warrant a job and are a little frustrated on Wals behalf that he has landed that job as yet. That's a positive, and I wouldn't knock people for that.

Wow everyone at Cream, get the job you want and then show us all how you got it!


(and my comment is any less worthy than yours Oxymorons simply by the fact it is anonymous)

Anonymous said...

People get worked up with Wal not getting a job cos he's spent about 4 years hawking his portfolio round London. Frustration DM

lachsbroetchen said...

hey waldemar du bist ja sowas wie ein soapstar im wonderland of advertising!:-)
ich wünsch euch viel spaß am donnerstag, immer schön auf die kacke hauen,nääääää?! schmattzzzzzaaa

Anonymous said...

@ both anons above. Yeah, he is talented and he knows it. Still see what the oxy morons are saying. Post the portfolio after Cream. Get the best possible impact from the judges. You never know who's reading your blog these days.

As for the amount of anons? Blogging will soon become a thing of the past due to the bitches that work in advertising.

(my comment is less worthy than anyone posting with an identity)


Anonymous said...

I'm exhibiting.

But I have nothing else to say because anything I do say will be firmly shoved up my arse.


Anonymous said...

Congrats to you too 12:57.

It's a shame you don't feel you can share/tell us more about you, your work, cream etc etc but best of luck to you, I'm sure it's well deserved!

Celebrate with Jai and Wal :)

Adam Richardson said...

if i was you I'd keep the work off here, the blog's well know enough that people are going to look at your work, and if they see it here they won't be bothered about seeing it in a crit or on placement. plus if any part of the book has a loose bit the raves of anon's are going to shread it apart.

good luck with cream, push it, make sure it leads somewhere.

Anonymous said...

If they did have an execution that wasn't quite up to scratch and as you put it, the anon's shread it apart, would it not be the case that some of the comments may still help Jai & Wal?

Even the most bitchy of remarks might contain something creditable or of use!?

You're right to unveil your new work to the top creatives at cream, but I wouldn't rule out the advice of your readers completely.

Best of luck with Cream

Anonymous said...

"Is anyone else rocking up?" Come on Wal!

Anonymous said...

How do we get tickets for Cream?

No one at our agency seems to know it's on and we want to come down and have a look at the work, should be good if it's the top 20 creative teams.

Anonymous said...

try getting in touch with
they are running the show and might help you out.

Anonymous said...

I still don;t understand how people get picked for this thing

Anonymous said...

to Adam @ 01.53... if the boys here don't have the balls to show off their work online for fear of having it 'shread apart' then maybe they shouldn't be in advertising... or maybe they should bail out of London where it's actually a challenge to get a job, move out into the sticks and slip into a regional agency... i've heard its easy enough hey adam my lad ;)


Anonymous said...

we're getting our website in shape for cream and of course we'll share it, together with new work.

Anonymous said...

good on you wal, and good luck with cream.


Adam Richardson said...

I wouldn't know about bailing out of London and I wasn't suggesting they should at all. If there's an impression that we fall into jobs up here then sadly your wrong, take it from one who knows.

wal... look forward to the site and seeing some new work.

Anonymous said...

Hey you bitches leave Jai and Wal alone. GET A LIFE!!! Don't be jealous because they have done so much and famous than you little cockroaches do!

Jai & Wai, I wish you guys the very best in cream.


]-[appy Thought said...

Say "hi" to Scamp if you see him on behalf of all the people who think he's not real and just a clever bit of AI developed by BBH! ;)

]-[appy Thought said...

@ ZZ

Do you mean WebLogging will die because of ads on them? Or because of anonymous comments from people in adland?

If you mean the latter I think bLogging is quite safe, as the medium does not rely on Ad bLogs to survive. You can bLog about anything you know.

Anonymous said...

Another day, another anon posts. Where shall I vent my anger today? Wal? Jai? or Anon @ 15:00?

I have been hearing about this blog from third parties and thought I would give it a glance this morning. I like it. Although the amount of people that have, their head firmly up the chocolate passage is amazing.

If anyone from my team were posting some of the comment on here, they would soon out the door. We are here to encourage new teams to the industry and not hurl abuse at them.

Finally, I would not put your book for Cream online yet. Do not shoot your team in the feet, so to speak.

Good luck and keep blogging.


Hayley said...

Contrary to popular belief, Anon 06:15, it's not as simple at just waltzing into a regional agency and automatically getting a job. Just because we don't all want to join the rat race in London, doesn't make us any less willing in comparison.

To Jai & Wal, the best of luck at Cream. Most of us know how hard you're both working to make it in London, and it strikes me that most of these Anons must be without decent jobs if they have so much time to criticise you every day.

sal said...

Congrats guys... Keep on rocking :)

Anonymous said...

what time does cream open to visitor today guys. good luck to you this eve wal

Anonymous said...

howditgo howditgo howditgo?!

Anonymous said...


why don't yuo just leave advertising and go work on a Gossip magazine. There you'll be able to bitch around all day.

You people are not talented at all. All you want is to bitch.


Anonymous said...

And you? you're obviously not bitching Anon 2:00