Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Shoe Circus

We were really surprised when Microsoft handed over their advertising account to Crispin Porter + Bogusky earlier this year. But it made sense! If there is one ad agency who can help them it must sure be CP+B, right? They had to make Microsoft cool – that's a mother of a brief. The campaign had to be better than those uber good 'Mac vs PC' commercials from TBWA.

Of course Crispins offices are full of Macs, I bet every single creative loves them – and now they have to make ads for Microsoft. Tough job. A couple of days ago they released the first TV advert. It's starring Bill Gates & Jerry Seinfeld, have a look:

I couldn't wait too see Crispin goodness and was disappointed by this average mix of celebrity power and no idea spot. Am I missing something? Maybe the follow ups are gonna rock the show? I'd so love to see Microsoft becoming cool with Crispins help. Their greatest challenge so far.

*This blog post is written on a mac


]-[appy Thought said...

Microsoft can't be cool. It's too established to change. This ad looks like Microsoft having a bit of a laugh about itself but it still feels very microsoft: very controlled and generic.

This ad is like the golf machine in the CEO's office. A bit of fun but ultimately surrounded by corporate dirge and business acumen.

Microsoft will never be as cool as Apple, but then again could Apple have been as cool if it didn't have something like Microsoft to rebel against? The two need each other. Microsoft has the old school American corporate stability to it and that works for a lot of people, despite how 'evil' the company may be if you scratch the surface.

I don't need to see an ad saying that Ol Bill Gates hasn't been affected by all the money adn fame and still buys crap shoes from some nowhere place. He's a nerd, that's what nerds do!

I leave you with the best example of why Microsoft will never be cool:


Now go by something with Linux on it.

Anonymous said...

Wal, dissapointed?
That's an improvement, mate!
The Wal I know would have loved it no matter what.

Anonymous said...

You have to be american to understand it

Ferris said...

CP+B have been fantastic for years...BK, Coke Zero, Men of Metal etc all truly inspirational. It doesn't surprise me though that they've grown bigger and attracted bigger clients because of it...like Mother have. Like you say though, shame there's no idea...also I never got the whole Seinfeld thing.

Gorilla Blogger said...

No No NO, not liking it, its even slightly cringe worthy.

That booty shake at the end did turn me on a little though.

Anonymous said...

@ anon 2:29 then explain it to us.

Anonymous said...

If they want to humanise Bill Gates they should just show him taking a dump.

Anonymous said...

Well, seeing as Alex Bogusky isn't as hands on with the creative anymore - he has been promoted past ECD to something more business intense - it makes sense to some degree - to whoever above there is a nice thought in the stability area...

Anonymous said...

It is a commercial about nothing. Just like the show.

The face of Bill after he says "leather' is funny. I think.

There is going to be a follow up to this. There has to be.

I'm not going to hop on the 'this commercial sucks and CP+B is going downhill' bandwagon quite yet.

Peter Kliefoth said...

I think they're just trying to break down what everyone thinks about microsoft and vista (like how much it sucks). Then they'll build it back up again with a new idea.

Personally I think the smartest way to go is to embrace the business acumen microsoft is known for, and not to try and out-cool Apple. They could easily go after the young, hipster persona Apple users are known for and spin that by saying how will that help business? Real businessmen use Microsoft.

Anonymous said...

I thought Bill says, "pleather."