Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Happy 2009!

Happy new year to all our readers – we hope everyone's celebrating this one properly, we certainly are. Jai Wal will be back next week when we're together again in London. So long, fill the first days of this year with fun and happiness.


Ainara said...

Happy New Year!

Anonymous said...

et toi!

Anonymous said...

i hope you cunts get a job this year!

Bitch Bag said...

Not the best time to be getting in to Advertising. However, my good luck is with you.

When's the new book going to be on show?

Anonymous said...

Hey Guys.

I'm saying this as constructive advice in 2009 for you and anybody else on this blog trying to get a job.

I love this blog. I'd even chatted about it with my CD here and so when I saw you at Cream I told you to come and see me, which you did. I loved your book and I loved you guys (not is a sweaty, dilated sort of way more of a firm handshake and a nodding sort of way).

I said that I thought you could do with losing a couple of the campaigns and writing a couple of new ones. I told you to come back in a week or so and I'd put you forward for a placement.

Not a word since.

Meanwhile you've been up to all sorts on the blog. If you decided WCRS wasn't for you then fair enough. Maybe it was all my sweating and dilating. Again, fair enough.

All I'd say is, when I was looking for a job, Tori and I would re-write an entire book in a weekend if that's what a placement team wanted. Obviously always stick to your guns on the work you really believe in but ultimately you want a job. Part of that job will always be taking constructive criticism onboard quickly and cheerfully.

Like I said. I like you both. You guys are a chocolate-digestive of optimism hidden in a biscuit barrel of rich-teas. I'm only saying this because surely this has got to be your year to get hired.

Anonymous said...

JESUS! WCRS aren't exactly a shit agency. If I had that kind of opportunity when I was doing placements I'd have bitten Oli's hand off.Why didn't you go for it?

Evidently, you guys just don't want it enough, otherwise you'd have a job by now.

And it's nothing to do with the fact that people aren't hiring at the moment, because if you're good enough, any agency can find £15000 a piece to hire you guys.

So your new years resolution is...

To want it more!


Anonymous said...

You guys are a chocolate-digestive of optimism hidden in a biscuit barrel of rich-teas.


Anonymous said...

I heard WCRS don't do placements unless they seriously consider hiring. Can i have one Oli?

Anonymous said...

Same old same old from you boys - it seems you enjoy the placement scene far too much, and don't seem to want a job as much as you say you do!

you can't let opportunities pass you by, make everyone work in your favour.

Anonymous said...


I'd give my left nut for a job at wcrs.

Wanna explain why you weren't into them Wal?

Anonymous said...

i think the underlying problem with you two is that you don't listen, to anyone. i saw the book you had in cream and to be honest, was very surprised you got in with it.

i reckon, that you saw oli, didn't really want to do any new work as you think your book was good enough for a placement already, and therefore didn't bother.

that's cool, if people are biting of your hands to get you in, but they're not!

you two should buck up your ideas and stop listening to praise only, especially from little dickheads like happy thought and the oxymorons.

Anonymous said...

Cheers for writing Oli, we noted all your advice down and changed everything in our book for it, we worked on two more campaigns to show that we're serious. We wanted to get it more then right before we see you again. But before we had a chance to see you we went to Agency Republic, it was quite short notice, and stayed there for the rest of the year on freelance. Believe me, you'll be the first one we see with the changed book, that's for sure.

Anonymous said...

Hmmm...Agency Republic or WCRS...Agency Republic or WCRS...shit place or good place??? Are you two out of your happy minds????!!! Change your book NOW, go and knock Oli's door down THIS AFTERNOON (if he'll still see you).

Jai said...

Unfortunately we were not in a position to be turning down a good freelance gig. But now, we're back and ready to go again. WCRS was always a place we wanted to go and Oli has been great with us, helping us tons. Cheers Oli, we'll see you soon.

Anonymous said...

@01:04:00 PM

You sound very bitter. Can I ask where you work? I don't care about your name. At least Happy Thought and the morons are giving off a positive vibe to others trying to get in the industry. This industry is unfortunatley full of idiots like you now, but your time will come. If you were working under my name and I found out, you'll be joining the city boys or making financial press ads for the rest of your stay. There's a hint for you, clever boy.
Jai & Wal, I'll be in touch with you guys soon, but the last time I looked at your book, it needed a revamp. Good luck for the new year and I'm sure you don't take any notice to the minor idiots that now read your blog.


Ferris said...

Happy New Year boys! This is the year. Sounds like you've got some promising leads. Drop by and see us whenever you like...

Anonymous said...

re 12pm

is that you baldy??

Anonymous said...

Oli, I'm not sure who i want to slap more... you, or Wal & Jai.

Oli, get over yourself.

Wal & Jai, get a job and stop dicking around.

All the best.

Anonymous said...

I agree with 10.20

the chap at WCRS does come across as at bit self important and slightly odd so maybe you did scare the guys off but why the hell did you not go back with some more work, the agency republic thing is no excuse! you should have done both.

but that seems like it would have been too much work for you guys, you won't get a job offer from your book from a good agency, it's no where good enough, you might however if you took advice from teams you see and with their help come up with new stuff. I'd like to see you guys get a job but is seems you don't really deserve one yet.

Anonymous said...

Damn, reading back maybe I've come across as a bit of a nob. Sorry about that.

All I was really trying to point out is that opportunities are going to be few and far between this year so everybody should leap all over them no matter how big or small.

The last thing I meant to do was be self-important. Believe me I'm well aware of how unimportant I am in the scale of things.

Ferris said...

I wouldn't worry about it Oli. I thought what you wrote came across positive. It may have had a hint telly-offiness...(this word looks really wrong, but it being Sunday I'm too lazy to find a better one). I sometimes tell them off a little bit too, but anonymously. Hey, maybe I anonymously told you off too, cowardly disguised as 10:20 and 11:06...who knows?

]-[appy Thought said...

@ 12:00 PM

Thanks, I think :)