Wednesday, February 20, 2008

The amount of feedback we got for Evian was fantastic, we really appreciated all the comments. We'll let you know how that turns out. In the mean time here's another thought for you guys to mull over when you have a spare sec. What do you think folks?


Anonymous said...

Is this a fictional product/service?

If I were you I'd stick to a mainstream product, that way people will know of it and be able to judge the work better.

Here, I'd simply sell Ryanair instead of taking the service a step further with the url device.

Generally obscure web brands don't go down well.

Otherwise the executions are simple, easily understood and nicely art directed. I'd be careful on your pilots execution - especially if presented first as you're left wondering who is saying the speech, from what perspective are we looking at it. It could be misinturpreted as the pilots not wanting uniforms and therefore suggesting to have none rather than the customers (unless i've got it wrong)

Anonymous said...

I've got to be honest. WTF? Just spent five minutes trying to figure it out. (So are we paying more than we should be).

I think the idea is trying say, 'if we made ryan air any cheaper, you'd have to carry your bag'?? If so, just come out and SAY IT.

Also... do the images really give anything to the idea? Take them off and the ads still work (or not). They're not even funny.

I really think you'd sell more seats if it was just a headline saying, 'If Ryan air were any cheaper, you'd have to carry your bag on baord'.

But sexy drawings. And i do like the the idea of Ryan air not being able to go any cheaper/dirtier.

Anonymous said...

drop the url! It's not necessary.

I like featherwieghts simple thought - 'if Ryanair were any cheaper you'd x y and z' as your 3 executions demonstrate.

I also agree that the images are saying the same thing as the copy - choose one or the other.

Anonymous said...

anonymous no1. thats ryanair, thank you. the url is the idea. its not just an above the line communication idea, its saying 'people, we(ryanair) did everything we can, now its up to you to make ryanair cheaper.'

we should have provided the website as well, which is a growing collection of suggestions.

its not an obscure web brand.
good tipp on the thought bubble, we ll have to make it clearer where the thought comes from. we just tried to avoid the stupid 'suggested by tom from leeds' thing.

featherweight, sorry you dont get the idea from the visuals, maybe the above makes it clearer.

anonymous no2. just saying we cant get cheaper is boring as hell. so we saying, we did all we can, now its your turn. you might be right on the images saying the same as the copy, we ll discuss that.

Anonymous said...

But why on earth would you want people to help you make it cheaper?

It's worse than Fosters saying, 'Make Fosters taste better'.

It really is. Step back and imagine yourself as the client. You are going to pay hundreds of thousands of pounds to get this thing up. Is it really going to do you any good!?

Stu said...

Tramps on a plane

Carb Free Creativity said...

This is an online idea

Scrap the posters. You've probably got better in your book!

Think about using applications for mobile, widgets for destops etc.

Can the user collect point or do something on this microsite to make their flight even cheaper??? Give this website value what's the incentive for me to go back again to use it??

Could they make a personal message from Naked Ryan Air Pilots (like the poster) to send to a friend to start the revolution of dirt free air travel.

They could say something like

So make your air travel going to maybe we could get our uniforms back.

Big G

Unknown said...

Hey Wal, I also like the the idea of "this is what'd happen if we made our flights any cheaper". But the idea of passengers trying to make Ryanair cheaper is just confusing.
At the moment, these ads wouldn't make me want to fly Ryanair at all. They make them look like total tightwads! Sure, when I fly I'm after the cheapest possible seats but I still want to be comfortable and looked after.
Some of the executions aren't really funny, either. Do the pilots walk to the plane wearing their skivvys? That's just gross. Maybe they could be wearing their own togs... Or not.
And I'd re-look the copy, too. The vernacular ("carry me bags", "bugger") comes across as contrived.
There must be other (better) executions. Good luck broseph!

Anonymous said...

There are negative things with being so cheap! People are weiry of things not costing very much 'you don't get something for nothing'

There are safety and security issues with this. People would never take their own bags onto a plane (and yes I know it's an idea, and not reality)

Are you seriously wanting people to make suggestions as to how the company can be even cheaper? What's the purpose?

A company, Ryanair will want to make money. Being cheap will only get you so far. I don't see how this idea will help Ryanair. There also needs to be a stronger incentive to get people to contribute to this.

proxikid said...

This is funny. I didn't know you do funny. Funny is good.
But I must agree with Anon 4:25, it's a negative thought. Not good for the brand. Especially since we already think it's cheap and crap, rather than ceap and cheerful like easyjet.
you know what I'm sayin'?

Anonymous said...

I like it. And I would do everything but not lose the URL. I think these posters are a really good start for this idea to grow (only the last poster is weaker than the first two) and to come up with more ideas for mobile, ambient and whatever you can think of.
The idea "our product/service is so good/cheap we can only make it better with goofy/silly/out of this world ideas" has been done before (just youtube for budget and commercial) so you have to find ways and expressions that make it really special and unseen.

But I bet you guys will do that.

Jonathan said...

To be honest I didn't get the outtake straight away. It's a good product choice and I like the idea of 'if our flights were cheaper' but I think the executions are too confusing. If Ryanair flights where cheaper what impact would it have on flying. Maybe they wouldn't be able to afford a roof for the plane, maybe the plane is patched up with tape, maybe they would have to cram hundreds of passengers onto each flight. Off the top of my head that would be the way I would go with it.

Great art direction though.

Anonymous said...

Cram hundreds of passengers on each flight...isn't that what Ryanair already does?

Anonymous said...

It must be a lot easier to get placements nowadays!

It feels too easy to pick a product with a USP like cheap flights, it’s telling me nothing new.

Create an idea around what you could do with cheap flights or something like that…

Le Jetliner Rieur said...

Love the campaign as you know.

I believe you need a first step before putting the posters on the walls - otherwise, you get this kind of reactions - no one understands.

I believe you would need a first campaign to announce the whole idea : Ryanair wants your ideas (for free of course) to make it cheaper.

Then you can put 2 nice campaigns in your book.

Anonymous said...

Rather than 2 seperate campaigns, the thought should be integrated into this one. I don't think there is enough content to have 2 campaings, having one saying 'we want your ideas to make Ryanair cheaper' is wasteful.

What would make people bother sending ideas?

I don't think you can waste vital space in your book using 2 campigns for the same product. You need to get the ideas striaght away, and show your versitility.

Either get all the info you need simply into one campaign or don't bother at all

Also, is this an existing site? I havne't seen!!!

Alex Bingham said...

ryan air actually charge you £14 for your bag. how tight fisted is that. and the seats don't recline.

Anonymous said...

I think the whole point is that you can't make RyanAir any cheaper. Any suggestions you make should either have been already done by RyanAir or so silly it's easy to discount them as being impractical.

So it's a twist on saying "we're cheap".

But the flaw is, as Alex Bingham points out, RyanAir are cheap but only because they hide the extra costs. £1 flight? Great. Except you have to pay for the luggage, pay for airport tax etc...

Anonymous said...

yepp, lots of different opinions, tell us its not ther yet, but we think it just needs a little tweak so evveryone understands it. we believe in the idea though. its not negative, its a positive thought to give people exactly what they need, cheaper flights. but when people get the idea they will understand themself that it cant be done cheaper.

Anonymous said...

All in all you are missing the point of these opinions, everybody should be saying it's brilliant, but they aren't therefore on these grounds you should drop it, don't become too attached to your work, if you go and see a CD and he/she says its crap and asks what everybody else thinks and you happen to mention that other people didn't respond well then it's going to look as if you can't critique work

Anonymous said...

dont think we're missing stuff, we take time to think about these comments. but we also consider the opinions of senior people / creative directors we see at agencies who tell us that this is the best one in the book. it s always going to be like that, some will like it, some dont. but its important what we think.

these comments help us seeing the flaws, and also the good points.

Anonymous said...

Waldemar, step back and take a look at what these ads are saying.

And ask yourself honestly if you think they could communicate something more useful.

If you're going to keep the idea... you can keep the drawings and the URL but rethink the Art Direction.

But again... why would Ryan Air need to make their flights cheaper. It's just counter productive.

Take the advice people give you. Because they are right and you are wrong.

Anonymous said...

waldemar... I like you blog and your passion for advertising so being honest the strategy is not good enough.

As a creative who done his time pounding the streets with his book you get to learn it's all about the strategy, you have to have an amazing simple thought.

Saying how cheap a budget airline is or how to make it cheaper is not good enough.

It's like you pick ryanair as a client for your book...

right what do we say about a budget airline...

eeerrr go on about how cheap it is.

It's telling me nothing new or exciting, just seems way too easy.

Try picking really hard products or services that have no/crap advertising.

End of the day it's up to you but it's not a campaign people would go ... fuck, wish I done that.

Anonymous said...

we respect your opinions, thanks for that. we ll work on and try to make something better.

ideasagoround said...

Ryan air shouldn't just say they're cheap. Everyone knows that.

They should be cheap. For instance they should actually try and sell the seat in the loo. Give a seat number. Try and actually sell it online.

What do you think?

Anonymous said...

I wouldn't do the toilet seat cum passenger seat. It's a funny joke but sends out a terrible message: 'Hi we're Ryanair, we so cheap that one of our seats is a toilet. Xxx.'

I agree with the others - steer clear of well-trodden USPs unless you have a killer lateral take on them.

Good luck lads and nice one on the placements

Anonymous said...

At some point in this there needs to be the voice of Ryanair!

Your copy is coming from the perspective of customers, I don't know if the URL is branded Ryanair, but you're also wanting customers to contribute ideas as to how to make Ryanair cheaper. Where is Ryanair in all of this? What do they think? What are they saying.

Anonymous said...

I like the idea of trying to encourage consumers to engage directly with a brand. I also like the idea of a brand being genuinely useful.

By doing the suggestions mechanic I think it's a fresh twist on how to say "We're as cheap as possible".

However, I don't think these are the best press/poster ads and whether this approach is fresh enough to make up for the well used strategy is debatable.

If you do what to keep this campaign, consider the following:

The press ads shouldn't have to explain your idea. Your idea is an online one, so let the website explain the idea. The press ad's role here is to encourage people to go to the website.

Maybe a sub line like "what would you suggest?" or "Got any better suggestions?" might help clarity on the current executions.

Your idea is essentially an online suggestion box. What would get you to suggest something? A letter from the MD of Ryanair inviting you to make suggestions?

I would also look beyond mere suggestions in helping If you're going to be useful why don't you do other things like flight price comparisons? I like Carb Free Creativity's suggestion of apps etc.

Well done on the placements.

Anonymous said...

Totally honest's a mockery of a sham. The campaign doesn't communicate the types of values that consumers would appreciate. The jokes are about entertainment value, and not about selling the airline as cheap but reliable. I wouldn't fly Ryan Air if they joked about making me carry my own luggage....

Anonymous said...

For the first time ever, looking at this campaign has made me think digital might be the future after all.

No offense intended.

Jai said...

Sorry, perhaps we are being incredibly thick, but we did'nt get that last comment at all. Can you expand please? For a dumb creatives sake.

Anonymous said...

Did you guys know that Ryanair have just launched this idea? They're asking they're customers for their ideas on how to make everything cheaper.

Anonymous said...

interesting, could you provide us with a link please?