Monday, February 25, 2008

Portfolio Night 2008 is doing it again. Portfolio Night 6 is coming up in a couple of months. On the 8th of may young creatives will have the chance to put their books in front of local & international creative directors in at least 17 cities around the world (face-to-face as well as online response after uploading your book). It’s the second time in London and Wal participated last year with Kristin, it was awesome and we can recommend it to everyone looking for adivice, jobs or placements. A review about the last one is to be found here. The tickets will be around 20 quid and will be available from the 21st of march.

Now why should you pay for a bookcrit you ask? It will save you the (sometimes impossible) trouble of getting in touch with great creative directors and putting your book in front of them.

Last year we’ve waited to see the list of CD’s ( here is last year's list) before getting the tickets, this time we won’t as we’re pretty sure about a great turn up. The London night is hosted by JWT and will take place at their Knightsbridge office. And there's free beer...


Carb Free Creativity said...

hey Wal

This night, is it for all young creatives in jobs as well as placements?

Also got rid of the cupid/fate post after i realised that my tone of voice wasn't as funny when we were ranting about it on the tube!

Somethings just sound funny in banter i suppose.

Glad you like the mini work!

Conrad Swanston said...

sounds a great night.. just need a book now..
thanks for commenting on our blog.
keep working hard at the old placements

Rachel said...

We shall be there also... thanks for the heads up!