Saturday, February 16, 2008

Secret Cinema

Shhhhh...we're not really supposed to talk about this but we thought we'd risk sharing it with you guys. Wednesday night we discovered Secret Cinema for us for the first time. It was awesome. We had to sign up online and pay for tickets on Tuesday, and believe us it’s quite odd handing over hard earned cash for something that is a mystery. However we gave it a punt and it was no disappointment.

So yesterday morrow an email pinged up with a reference number and time, telling us to meet at the Royal Academy of Arts; quite plush, not what we were expecting. Anyhow we turned up and witnessed the most disorganized and perhaps most immoral queuing system known to man. We thought we’d be a bit clever and ‘bad’ and jumped the swarm bringing us closer to the entrance; however to our dismay there were people rather more cunning than us. As a result we quickly found ourselves nearing the last people that entered. Note to self - never underestimate a Londoners creative queuing resolve.

Still, the atmosphere was beaming with excitement, with performers in pink outfits running around and mumbling nonsense to one another, a mini orchestra blaring and a Dick Tracy type photographer with an old fifties camera taking pictures during the queuing chaos. Clearly a clue to the movie but we weren’t cultured enough to guess which one. Eventually we got in to see even more performers, even stranger now.
Secret Cinema were also kind enough to provide lots of freebies and after a great short the film - The Funny Face starring Audrey Hepburn. Certainly not something we would have watched if we had not gone, but it was a pleasure indeed. A motion picture full of wonderful acting and marvelous dancing. The movie choice seemed to accompany the London Fashion Week very well and everything around it fitted the plot. We found out about this through le cool magazine, give it a go.


]-[appy Thought said...

I think considering they project their url on walls you're ok to blog it mate ;)

Unknown said...

Good to see you're making the most of my Le Cool suggestions! Get loads of cool stuff from that e-zine...