Wednesday, February 6, 2008

L'eau de vie

A work in progress idea for our book. We've been turning it around in our heads and on paper for the past couple of days. We'd appreciate your comments on it. What are your initial thoughts? What do you get out of it? etc…



Anonymous said...

What's the positioning?

Say the idea out loud:

Vampires drinking Evian. It replaces blood thirst.

Then say the strategy out loud:

Funny connotation with vampires.

Then say how you build a campaign around the idea:

Vampires and Evian?

Anonymous said...

I like that you're playing with the "vampires can't come out during daylight" thing, hence Evian gives you life.

But be prepared to get some stick for the line: it's in french; it's a type of alcohol...I suspect an English alternative could make it work even better (unless you're showing your book in Paris).

By the way, I;ve been trying to get in touch with you guys. Don't you read your Facebook mail? Or is that soooooooo 2007??

Hope you're well.

Stu said...

Water of life, even after death.

As long as no-one blesses it first!

Stu said...

I think you should add a 20p off coupon in the right hand corner, and when creatives ask why they are vampires, just look at them funny.

Anonymous said...

Water of life

If thats your line, keep it in english. You get the idea quicker.

Also Make it more obvious their vampires maybe. Get them in a four shot tighter framing, so you can easily see their teeth. Stick the Castle middle in the background.

However Vampires can't come out in the day, water wont change that. Something about water giving you life can be true if you link in to keeping you looking radiant and young blah blah blah. first thought... young people dressed in granny gear? Joan Collins looks like she found the fountain of youth?

Anonymous said...

huh?... how about a mermaid prefering evian water instead of salt water.

Anonymous said...

It makes a lot more sense with the line 'water of life' No doubt you're both very linguistic, but I'm afriad plenty aren't... Your idea is lost without understanding the meaning of the line in my opinion.

If the idea of it is to give life, perhaps you should show people who are evidently dead, or people actually enjoying life to the extreme?

Anonymous said...

I like the thought - that water gives you life, although executing it with vampires is a little strange. It has no relevance to me and wouldn't make me want to buy Evian. It would make me consider it though if if gave me a longer life or a better life by making me look better etc..

Anonymous said...

The thinking is good, but I didn't get it straight away - only after reading some of the other comments I reasiled the message...

The use of vampires I'm not too sure about, but if you want to keep them I think you should make them the centre of attention. The castle etc isn't necessary, you get they're vampires by looking at them. I would cut in closer to them, and work perhaps with colour i.e. they are no longer in darkness, 'living' again.

Anonymous said...

It's a nice ad, but as someone else said it won't make me by the water.

I'd buy water because it's refreshing more than anything else.

Personally I wouldn't bother going down the route of looking/feeling better either.

Anonymous said...

I like the thought "water of life" as in "the water of choice for life" rather than "life giving water" because it's less generic.

(If you want to keep "life giving water"-how about an execution of Evian starting life on a planet in space?)

The problem for bottled water brands is differentiation.

Apparently, mineral waters have different mineral levels in them depending where it has been sourced. This affects the taste-allegedly.

If life thrived better on Evian or chose Evian over other water then this starts to make the brand stand out. It should give you a reason to buy it over other water.

You could argue you don't really believe life thrives better on certain water.

But then maybe there's something in educating people there is such as a thing as bad water and good water. To make them look at the contents of their bottled water. To make them realise Evian is the water of life because it has the right minerals.

How about a website that conducts an experiment with two plants. One is watered with Evian and the other with some other water?

Could backfire.

How about playing the "Natural" card? The reason people drink bottle water is because it's healthier. So go for naturally sourced water.
Evian. Organic water. Free Range Water.

How about a TV ad showing "battery farm water" stuck in a factory and "constrained" artificially contrasting with the "free and natural" Evian water in the Alps?

Hope these ramblings help. Good product to pick.

Anonymous said...

Could it not e for any bottled water?

Ok but not great.

proxikid said...

why do you always need everyone's aproval? who cares if half the people don't get it? stand up for something. do it your way. just do it. fuck it. re-do it. stop sitting on your ass thinking and drinking all day. best ads are not liked by everyone. you know that.

and i guess it must be night in your drawing- jurdging by all the bats- who stay away form daylight too. all i can suggest- give your sky a shade, put some shadows, translate the line (i don't speak french or can be bothered o look it up) and draw the whole campaign- be it mermaids, micheal jackson or zombies.
keep up the good work. and it's your chess move, dude. :)

Anonymous said...

so the campaign is done. it's ready for the next two crits on monday.

proxi, sure we do what we want, but still this whole thing is about people's opinions since they are judging your work. that's why we like to share things like this. we like sharing. it's your move lady.

and yes, it's daytime in the poster, and that's supposed to be. we'll keep the line in french so far. everyone will understand it yet tell us to change it :D

the other two poster are way better, maybe we'll post them later on.

stu, you know we like coupons, lots of them, maybe we'll put a coupon on a billboard and wait for the first one to climb up and rip it off! yaaaar.

jp, we love that idea of starting life on a new planet, fckin great! can we steal it if people hate the vampires?

Anonymous said...

Of course. Take it. Make it better.

Anonymous said...

I like the one about famous dead people secretly still being alive somewhere in the world.

Anonymous said...

Starting new life on another planet is a much better execution, I would definitely go with that even though you didn't come up with the idea. It still needs the line in English, if you don't understand the line none of it makes sense.

Unknown said...

there´s an idea. and this is what happens most of the time. looking for ideas, forgetting the brand.
would this idea be part of a strategy. is it the brands voice and where i want to take the brand?
think short term, long term. or think for the next award ceremony.
what about contributing, building the evian brand with your ideas?
i think CDs like to see this. more than ingenius giggly things.
again, the idea is good. but is it good for evian?
cheers wal.

Hayes Ben Thompson said...

Very Van Helsing.

Check the new WTF? on my page.


Anonymous said...

That's a very good point... People are looking purely at the idea, rather than the brand (which is as important if not more important than the idea)

Perhaps your vampires and even new planet life would better suit a brand like volvic rather than evian.

The tone of voice, brand messaging and direction are certainly things you should be considering in your campaigns.

Unknown said...

exactly. it´s about getting the "big picture". i think that´s the difference between puberty-excited-young-creatives and cds. it´s like you need a cd to cool it down, think it over. we work (our ideas work) for brands, by solving communication problems, not for us, not for a statuette. let´s try our best put something together, the most innovative (media too!) we can to take this brand where we want it to go.
i don´t like jerarchy, (i like communist art workshops! *) but i guess, for these reasons, it´s necessary.

sorry, got, carried, away, with, comas.

Anonymous said...

No doubt a stupid question (but I'm asking anyway)

What exactly does 'jerarchy' mean?

If you don't ask you may never know, and it's good to learn something new, add to my vocab etc etc...

Unknown said...

my bad. it´s hierarchy. do you still nedd to know what it means?

Anonymous said...

Bollocks to the negativity on here, lets push things forward!

Life on a new planet is a fcukin great strat! Could this be the official drink for Bransons proposed holidays in outer space?!

Anonymous said...

negative feedback is a lot more helpful than blindless praise. Where do you go from being told it's a fab execution/strategy?

Everything can be improved and everyone is intitled to their opinion.

You can push the idea much further by taking on board what you perceive as negative comments and end up with some great bloody ads!