Monday, February 18, 2008

First day at LOWE

Today we had the day of the snap at Lowe. We started at 10 and caught a delicious breakfast just before at a caf in wonderful South Kensington. After arrival we were shown around the place and met some familiar faces, people we've met before, randomly of course. We spent the first day of our placement connecting our brains to this place and working on our first brief. More to come.


proxikid said...

sometimes you sound cheesier than Rainheart. connecting your mind to a creative hub? LoL

How's LOWE?
How is it?

swear on your book to write truth, only truth and nothing but truth! oooh, and make it fun!

Anonymous said...

ha! was braindead when i've spit out that cheese last night. how lowe is you ask? we don't know yet :) as we will find out we'll report truly, and funny!

Unknown said...

Good luck!

Hope you still find time to post.