Tuesday, April 17, 2007

My special place

Just before our current placement I spend a week with my girlfriend in this very very calm place. We went to Sylt, an island in northern Germany. It used to be part of the main land but is shrinking due to erosion by the Northern Sea.

It was such a refreshing time without the hectic stress and all the people. Only this very small island – surrounded by the northern sea. Ah, that truly was a good place to get ideas, I close my eyes and try to go back there now as the briefs keep coming in and ask us for creative solutions... it's a retreat in my mind, to go back to, and be inspired, by the emptiness and calmness.

Crossing over with our car on a train towards the sun

The nature there is quite unique, very much untouched

Most of the houses on Sylt have 'Friesen' style roofs, they look lovely. © Túrelio (via Wikimedia-Commons CC-BY-SA
The whole east coast of the island consist of wadden sea, as the tide goes back you can walk it

We were lucky to catch some sunny days – kisses to you Zhanna!
Sand impressions
The west coast is covered with one of the most beautiful beaches in Germanywe shall go back during summer
We surely couldn't miss out on preparing some delicious 'Spinte mit Kräuterbutter'


Anonymous said...

It looks beautiful - how jealous am I...

Adsurd said...

This place looks sooooooo calm and relaxing feed for the brain i guess! :-))0