Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Portfolio Night in London

Brett from ihaveanidea sent us an email yesterday about a very interesting happening in the beginning of may – the Portfolio Night 5 World Tour. Their poster design rather suggests an occult ritual but there's more to it. It sounds to be the biggest book-crit ever.

On the 3rd of May young creatives will have the chance to put their books in front of local & international creative directors in 23 cities around the world (face-to-face as well as online response after uploading your book). This event happens now for the fifth time – the gallery shows it to be an american thing which swaps over to us and London will participate as well. Tickets will be around 25 € for an individual, but we'll wait until there is a list with names of CD's from London before we sign up but we're very much up for it – it sounds like a lot of fun!

'Portfolio Night is not about reviewing junior portfolios, it is about uniting our industry at all levels for one day and helping make the next generation the best generation. On May 3, careers will be made, giants will be born, beers will be drank and friendships will be made. For those that have never attended Portfolio Night in the past, all we can tell you is that it is a magical night.'

Any thoughts on this? Could also be a wonderful opportunity to meet up for London's young creatives.


Freddie & Hollie said...

Ahhhh.... so clever. So wise. Double post- product placement :) ! ! !

sounds good.

Anonymous said...

Good luck at BMB you two.

Table looks nice and big x

Anonymous said...

thanks stu! how's grandma union? how did that singstar thing go down? did they like the robot?

guess what our first brief was here! npower :)

Seb said...

thanks for posting the thing. haven't been on ihaveanidea.org for some time. maybe we'll meet there. but I don't know if I'll manage. how are things at BMB?

Anonymous said...

yeah it would be really nice to meet you at the portfolio night! if you need a place to stay in london, drop an email. BMB is going good, after a week with a lot of briefs, only today we had ONE, the first, thing that the ECD liked, at least something! :)

Seb said...

will drop an email. would be great if you know a place I can rest my crit-tortured body and soul. still i am not sure if i maybe will visit the amsterdam portfolion night. will depend on the creatives. though london will be great i think.