Thursday, April 19, 2007

My Trip to Japan

It has been already a while since I have been traveling to Japan but I still wanna show you some pictures of my journey. In march, my boyfriend Rick and me flew to Tokyo. We traveled 9536 miles from London Heathrow to Narita Airport and flew for 12 hours. For those who haven't been to Japan yet there is just a little thing you need to know: Everything is different.

We fell in love immediately with Tokyo and have been really impressed how clean an under control everything there seems to be. The food was amazing even though I had a hard time in the beginning as a vegetarian. The people are so nice and friendly and they where giggling all the time when they saw us. Even if it sounds strange but in Japan are only Japanese looking people living. In two weeks we saw probably around ten "western European" looking people. So you can imagine that a blond girl with blue eyes and a Yorkshire ginger bread man did stand out quiet a bit.

After spending a few days in Tokyo we traveled to Kyoto, than to Osaka, Kobe, Hiroshima, Oji, Nara and back to Tokyo. We checked in and out in hotels for six times, traveled 894,2km with the Shinkansen train of Japan Railways and walked probably the same amount of kilometers around the country. And now i gonna take you on our journey...

This is the Metro in Tokyo. The seats are heated and they are playing weired music to calm you down.

Japanese people are allowed to smoke everywhere. So that's what they do.

Reading the Metro map was a problem we had to deal with everyday. Sometimes it got really frustrating. This is the map of Osaka.

In 2005 Osaka was the second most expensive city in the world, Tokyo is in first place.

This is MushiMushi. Rick did win him for me in one of these crazy game halls.

Vending machines in Japan are holy and you can find them at each corner. You gonna be surprised because they are always working and they are clean. Unfortunately we couldn't find one with used knickers.

To see the world from Japans view is something I found very interesting.

A graveyard in the mountains of Kyoto.

This is part of the Fushimi Shrine. It's the largest and most impressive shrine in Japan. It's 4km long and you walk through red gates. The little shrines are there to pray.

Kyoto is surrounded by bamboo woods and hidden shrines everywhere.

This is a sculpture of a couple I guess. I found it in the mountains of Kyoto in front of a house. I was so fascinated by the sight that I sneaked in the garden to take the picture.

We even met Geisha in Kyoto. I saw them on pictures before many times but seeing them real was overwhelming.

The highlight was sleeping in a Japanese house with paper walls and grass mats on the floor. We found this little place in Oji and it is owned by a guy from Leeds who settled over nine years ago together with his Japanese girl. It was fucking great, an unbelievable inspiring place. We're gonna go back there once.

Guys, I could load up pictures endless because there are so many beautiful things I would like to show you. All in all I only can say that Japan is an extraordinary, bizarre place worth going any time. Kyoto with all it's shrines was something which really touched me and I found a quote which is spot on saying "Who doesn't love Kyoto doesn't love life". Sayonara


Adsurd said...


this place must be crazy!!!! like crazy. Nice trip!

Stauss said...

A country where you can smoke everywhere?? I see my future in Japan!

Greetings from Amsterdam


kristin said...

Kyoto was the most amazing place I have been in my life. I uploaded one more picture of Geisha which I forgot about yesterday plus MushiMushi. Check it out!
And Staussi because of the smoking it's crazy. I can't remember having seen one non-smoking sign. But I guess manly men smoke.
Cheers to Amsterdam.

Anonymous said...

Cutoutamari for you:

Young Prince

kristin said...

Oh how cute, thanks Stu. we gonna print it out and put it on our desk ;-)