Thursday, April 5, 2007

Drink, listen & learn

I was just checking on iris's website, the agency we had our first placement at and discovered they have this most wonderful thing going on next week.

'Dry and drafty lectures have given way to inspirational talks and, er, draft beer. Monotonous tutors have been swapped for splendifferous speakers.'

They call it Under the Influence and it's a day – Thursday the 12th of April – where they gather a huge bunch of speakers from all the sweet disciplines such as creative, planning, digital advertising, graphic design, trend watching and more. All these people will speak about their stuff in four pubs around Borough Market, London Bridge. Check it out on their website and make sure you register yourself for coming along if you fancy – it's absolutely free, even some beers are. We'll be there.

ps. we're off for easter & we hope everyone will enjoy this long weekend!

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