Thursday, April 12, 2007

A new chapter

Just got myself a new notebook. Ahh, the smell of new paper – wonderful. Now it's time again for the challenge: how to start the first page? Once this is done, it's a blast of fun! How do you usually fill the first page of a new notebook?

My old one lasted quite a while, 11 months to be exact. I'm hoping to fill this one quicker. I love this little thing, it bears most of my thoughts, shopping lists, ideas, design sketches and diary entries.


Freddie & Hollie said...

Funny you say that... Logos. It's all about logos for me. The product/service we're thinking about. I spend the good part of ten minutes doing a perfect representaion of the logo! We'd win gold at the olympics for procrastinating.
And Hollie fills the first few pages with the last few of her old book. You see she likes a smooth transition.

Seb said...

when I start a new notebook I leave out the first page and let time do the filling process. I have some old D&AD stickers that say "My other award's a yellow pencil". one of those somewhen gets on the first page. followed by the stickers from fruits I eat, stickers I found somewhere, doodle-drawings and stuff. as the rest of the book the first page is a process for me.

Seb said...

what about putting on a flickr-thing. and we post the first page of your notebooks? just to see how other "new beginnings" look like.

Anonymous said...

oh i really really like hollies idea of a smooth transition! and drawing logos right is fun, i spend a lot of time doing it, procrastinating for the win! we'll get silver then.
seb, shall we start a flickr first notebook page thing? :) i'll scan my first page later on (from the old notebook)
but guys, the main question: what size is your notebook? i had a hard time deciding, a5 is bigger and much more space for nice drawings, whereas a6 is so handy and can be taken anywhere in the pocket... i thought the size doesn't matter, does it?

Seb said...

Will do as well. I'll send the link of the group. Or should we make a post? I have 3 sizes. A4 at the agency, A5 at home and A6 somewhere in the pocket of my jacket.