Monday, December 18, 2006

A few ideas

We've been working a lot on our book lately, so far the outcome is strategies and some execution ideas. Here they are. Comments are very much welcome!


Anonymous said...

Jejejejejeje I like so much... Good and great Ideas.... I want a copy of this book... je I think that all are good, but I like very very much the playsattion3 comic!
PLAY REALITY.. congratulations

kristin said...

Thank you Mutt!
we always like to hear opinions from people.
what are you doing?
merry christmas!

Anonymous said...

Hi kristin... merry xmas to you too! I always visit your space... I like so much! your have great ideas... Im creative too, but my space isnt like to your space!
Sorry if my english is not so good but I live in venezuela and speak spanish...

Anonymous said...

This is my first time visit. Nice ideas and nice drawing. I will keep reading your blog. :)

Anonymous said...

Hey Val it's Matt (of Matt & Per fame). Nice little blog you got going on man, like hos half the posts are about drinking! Your house party looked awesome, sorry we couldn't amke it but we worked til 2am that night and couldn't find the right bus to get there for the closing hours. next time for sure.

I think your PS3 idea have already been done for PS2 campaigns, definately the controler as steering wheel and possibly the boxer style one. Sorry :(

But, I think your Tesco ideas are neat, I like the idea of the elements of cooking and allowing you to be creative, it'd be a nice way of trying to pinch some custom from Sainsburys!