Monday, December 11, 2006

Live in concert

Looking through Springwise I found tourfilter, a neat tool to keep you up to date with the tour date of your favourite artists. I was missing such a site without knowing it.

'The concept is simple: a user sets up a (free) account, picks his/her own city, and then enters all of the bands he or she would like to see in concert. Twice a day, Tourfilter's software crawls through live music venue listings for each city it covers. If it comes across a band people are tracking, it sends them an email, and lets them receive show updates via RSS or iCal.'

One thing that was slightly annoying though is to actually enter the band names. A logic next step would be a tourfilter build into iTunes, so I could set up a 'Live Column' next to genre and see the next concert date – maybe buy tickets via MusicStore?

See my band list here.

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Anonymous said...

funny u should say that.....about amonth or two ago we had a brief for sony ericsson and three to reinvent music and that was one of our ideas!! lets see if the buy it! dan