Thursday, December 21, 2006

Last second xmas present

Just celebrating the last day before holidays, worrying about our flights (we're flying tonight but there is evil fog everywhere in London), we received a phone call from Nick Bell, JTW London. They want us in from January 10th for a month long placement, which is brilliant. We were worried a lot since we didn't have anything lined up, but now we can start the xmas vacation very relaxed knowing that we'll have a place to work and be creative at in the new year. It takes a load off our mind!


Anonymous said...


Now, this might sound a little odd, but for some reason, having re-discovered your blog, I suddenly had a pang of guilt that you'd emailed me a while back and I didn't get back to you - it was seeing the drawings of ideas you've done that made me think that.

If I'm talking nonsense, and you've no idea who I am, just ignore me. And happy new year!

Anonymous said...

Hi! We sure would remember you if you would tell us your name :) Why not come back to our email now then? Always better late than never! Have a great day!