Wednesday, December 6, 2006

What we're up to now

Our placement at pd3 is going very well, we feel really good here and it's quite busy. Our briefs include the guardian, o2, a museum and several novel launches. The best thing? All of the work is ambient or stunt, so we get well practiced in creating brand experiences and interacting with our surrounding – urban communication.

We got asked to stay here for the next weeks, so that's brilliant. At the same time we try to spend as much of our free time as possible to get a new book together, you can expect some stuff on this topic very soon.

Kristin is feeling half-dead today, since we worked on some strategies for airlines yesterday (in the pub) and it turned into a discussion about fear of flying she could only stand with some drinks, maybe too many? I hope she'll be fine since we have a bookcrit scheduled at TBWA later on. Maybe she will even be able to do the D&AD president's lecture tonight?

Desk at work

View from the back of the pd3 office

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