Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Mommy doesn't love us!

Yesterday evening, a typical cold & rainy one in London, Kris & Val visited Mother in Shoreditch. Afterwards the two of us went for a few drinks and seven packs of crisps, in order to get at least some kind of happiness. Our thoughts this morning? Read on...

Kris Wednesday. The day where the revolution begins. Burn down the book and let's press the Re-start button. Here we go!
Val Yepp, the guys had a very good point, our book is good, and we'll get a placement (somewhere else), but it's not good enough. We have to reach 'the next level'
Kris Mmmm...s even packs of crisps. I could go for it again. Yummy.
Val Are you sure? People will rather think well trying to kill ourselves with a salty overdose of crisps after this book review which got us back into reality (which is: we need a better book).
Kris Ok, better book, more salty dogs 'n beer. Stop this talking we need to work ;-)
Val Can do. Thanks to Rob & Andy for taking time and comment on our book. We will work hard and we'll come back in a few weeks time.

Yesterdays lesson: It's good to fail. Much better then hearing 'Yepp, book's good'. Now we need to fail harder, and embrace the failure, while keeping the optimism. And what's a better place to go next for that then Wieden + Kennedy London? This one's scheduled for this evening. Hello crisps again...

Celebrating the blahs at a bar called Redchurch

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