Thursday, October 12, 2006

Another week

We spoke to Kevin, head of copy here at iris, we'll get to stay for another week. Good news for us! We worked on a wonderbra brief since yesterday and we'll might get some good stuff out of it for our book. The day continues to be blue since we met also
friends today, bluey & his family from the ground floor.

Yesterday was the summer(ish) night out with the creative department. We went to the Comedy Store, free meal & drinks. The show was amazingly funny, just as good as a workout at the gym. We also got to know more of the crazy people at iris. With almost 100 creatives it's a mission to remember everyone's name, but we're workin' on it.

The loonies at their desk

Our new friend bluey, he tastes like yesterdays blueberry cheesecake kris says

lilb, blueys younger brother, nice little guy!

iris slogan, this blue light makes you crazy though, we think they're trying to hypnotize

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