Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Visiting Fallon

After harrassing Fallons creatives for one and a half weeks they invited us to come around and show them our work.

Preparing for this visit today, we spent the last couple of days getting our book together in a good shape. We spent our lunch time yesterday to check out London Graphic Center, Brodie's Portfolios and Cowling and Wilcox to have a look at books and that. After considering all options we decided to drop the book idea, instead we bought a chic black box. We printed off all our work at iris, our beloved agency (thanks!) and mounted it on 400g white card. We love the look. And Fallon? Well, they liked it so much so that they kept it to show their creative director. Fingers crossed! The downside of it: We have to print off everything again and get another book / box 'cause we're visiting VCCP tomorrow – no lunch, again. We don't mind starving though, at least when we get the chance to meet nice people.

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