Thursday, March 1, 2007

Young creatives doing it all

What do you think, what would young creatives do for a placement in a hot London agency? More than you imagine. They would pick up a chewing gum from the street to chew on it, dance on the street with a face painted on their naked belly, dress up as a granny and jump around in a retirement home or they would even pull a shoe lace through their nose.

Here's the deal: Students from the 3rd year advertising course from Buck's university are competing against each other for a placement at Mother. The teams have to make a short video and upload it on youtube. The video which gets the most views will win the race, and the team can enjoy the placement. Sounds like fun. Underneath are most of these videos, we'll update this post when new links will arrive from their tutor in our inbox. Have a look at them, and if you like any, pass them on.
What's your favorite so far? Did you do any strange / intersting things in order to get a placement? We're curious, tell us!


Freddie & Hollie said...

Yeah.. mother did the same to the Saint Martins lot. We had to make a video.. no placement, just champagne! Good bottle though.

Sol Wei said...

I sent out bags of rubbish containing brands that represented me for work experience (in planning/account mgnt dpt). Luckily I got some good responses.