Thursday, March 22, 2007

Book naming

Just received this email from Siobhan, from NABS. Sounds like fun we thought after reading it and gave it a very quick fifteen minutes brainstorm. Here the first results, some pretty random, some not funny at all and most of them quite sad. Sorry. Here's the stuff. Any thoughts? Ideas?
  • Out of the frying pan into the fire
  • How to make good tea
  • CD, Abbreviation for Compact Disc, not
  • From Z to A to G
  • The last warning
  • Adadadad
  • Mummy, where do ideas come from?
  • Get the skills to pay the bills
  • No mercy
  • The last great mystery
  • Selling is okay. Start with your Grandmother
  • Learn to fail

1 comment:

Lady Chameleon said...

Learn to lick arse and knit a scarf

knit a scarf with many colours, take everything from anyone - and don't make too many holes.