Friday, March 2, 2007


Our placement at JWT has come to an end after seven weeks. We've been working on brands like After Eight, Kellogg's, Rimmel London, Kenco Coffee, Benadryl, Milky Bar, Sunsilk and Aero. We learned very much, we went to a shooting, we had lots of free chocolate and met a big bunch of friendly people - a good experience overall, thanks a lot! After such a big agency we'll changing to something smaller.

First we'll take two weeks off though. Kris is going on a trip to Tokyo and I will be traveling around germany a little bit.

We'll be back on the 19th of march to start a two weeks placement at the digital agency Grand Union. Getting hands-on web experience, yes we're looking very much forward to that! I'm hoping that Kris will take time and post some nice pictures from Japan on the blog, if not you'll get a proper review when we're back in two weeks time.


Seb said...

hello val. when you're in Hamburg and feel for something like coffee morning or beer evening just send an email or stuff.

Adsurd said...

Hi Guys... Great Job i'm a newcomer to london to! from Greece! I have a very good idea for all of us YOUNG creative teams! if you are in
drom me an email:


Amelia said...

Just found your blog - really interesting. Let me know if you are looking for placements after your stint at Grand Union.