Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Back and alive

Ah, it feels good to be back again after our long break. On Monday we started our first digital placement at the Grand Union - so far it's been wicked. The agency is mid-sized (we're still counting people) and located in Notting Hill. The whole bunch is nice, we'll get to know more and more people - mainly in the kitchen - we have a challenging brief and we're getting used to know our enemies - banners. Two things to know about this placement:

1. Creative digital advertising can be very very good fun
2. Making tea is essential for making friends

Now. Lots of stuff on our to do list, we have to catch up with lots of people, write lots of emails and get a lot of stuff done. Phew! Let's start.


Seb said...

good luck and have fun.

Anonymous said...

Hi guys.

Banners won't be your enemy... file size will.

Have a look at for inspiration.

Have you looked at Glue London? They do some great digital stuff. I think they're in the same building as The Drugstore- The Tea Building.

Good Luck!

Anonymous said...

thanks seb! what about this saturday? im going to hamburg again - dentist :)

@jp li - yes you are completely correct, it's rather the filesize which we need to fight with, thanks for the link! Regarding Glue, yeah it sounds like a really good place, we wrote the head of art a couple of times but never got a chance to show our work. We should continue :)

Anonymous said...

Simon Lloyd and Christine Turner are an ex Bucks Team who are group heads on Sky and Mini. They know Julie Wright. They also look at books for placements. If they like it, they'll put it in front of Seb Royce the ECD.

Anonymous said...

awesome! thanks a lot for the contacts! we'll drop them a line. could we get to know who is giving us this excuisite tip? :)

Anonymous said...

Nobody important. Just another team doing the rounds like yourself.

We were at glue a while back and it seems the place to be at the moment.

I'm ex Bucks too.

If you need more contacts drop me an email