Friday, February 16, 2007

Val's old old homepage

Just been googling my name (I wouldn't believe anyone saying he or she never done that!) and found some old stuff on the internet, like my very first homepage. The website is still online mostly for sentimental reasons and as a reminder for me to make a new one. Well, I wanted to make a new one for about 3 years now, dozens of layouts later still nothing happened - it's so much easier having a blog isn't it?

Anyway is now over 6 years old, Kristin says it looks like I was a geek before, maybe she's right? (ok I was into fantasy back in high school when I did this website).

Sorry for those who can't read german, but you won't miss much. Also found that I still have an account on deviantArt. I am really motivated to do more design again, all this black marker white layout pad thing is pretty good for ad ideas, but where is the beauty in that? Yes I'm a design addict and I'm thinking about getting hooked again...

I feel like posting one of these 'five things you don't know about me' entries - probably feeling the urge since we never got tagged.

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