Friday, February 16, 2007

Creative Linkage

In the last couple of weeks, we discovered a lot of blogs from creatives. Before we mainly were reading planning blogs. It's like buying a red hat, suddenly you see so many people wearing one, and it's not like they weren't people with red hats before - now you just pay more attention to it. We like most of these blogs and read them on a daily base so we would like to share with our readers (who probably know most of these blogs).

We want to make sure that our blog is not a dead end which leads only to agency website - most of them are way less interesting than blogs anyway. Enjoy the new links on the right side and also underneath:

Ads are boring
Alice in adland
David & Pheobe
Gwen Yip
Fake it until you make it
Freddie & Hollie
wowee, wow.


Anonymous said...

Hi guys.

Here are some other blogs from creatives:

This Is The Modern Word:
I’m Trying To Think:
Crack Unit:
I Ad a Dream:
Here Be Monsters:
Make The Logo Bigger:
What if…:

We're out there! Now we just have to start mingling like the planners do…

Have you read Seb's post ( on this topic?

PS: Sorry for the messy links. Blogger wasn’t accepting html today.

Seb said...

Ana, thanks for all the links. I knew Ian's blog and the one from my 27 second-visitor Jeff but I will spend a glance on the other. Are you at Mother already?
And yes, we should band together and throw our ideas out into our blogs like all the planners do.
Val, nice blog by the way (already had you in my bookmarks) and...erm...interesting website you did years ago.

Freddie & Hollie said...

Thanks guys... we love your blog...