Tuesday, February 20, 2007

The enchanting inspiration of the web

A lot of advertising briefs are currently on our table at JWT. Some of them are tough ones which have been in the agency around for some time now - and no one has cracked them so far - that's an ad-world-word by the way, you crack briefs, you crack a poster, everything can be cracked - well lets crack on.

We've been trying to do our best on them but got stuck with one of the products and Kristin was looking for a solution, a new approach. Eager to go beyond reality and searching for the magical idea we approached an oracle, a digital crystal ball, more known as a sloganizer.

It was fun for a couple of clicks but our definitive result: The magic ball seems not like the solution we sought for - that is unless you can sell the headline 'leaves your cornflakes minty not mediciny' to your creative director.

There are more helpful things in the world wide web. Everyone looking for inspiration, take a look at this flickr pool, it feels like a short trip away from the office to some great places. Or read Mario Pricken's interviews with creative minds around the world (some are in German though). If you prefer audio pleasure tune in to your favourite music you've never heard before or browse through a directory of wonderful things.

The web is such a great thing, it won't solve (most of) your problems but if you use it right, it's the best creative tool you can imagine, there is so much more to it than myspace and youtube. For more website check our del.icio.us links. If all this doesn't help, maybe try tarot cards?!


Seb said...

another nice site to just click around and getting inspired is the flickr related tag browser. brilliant. just type in a word, look for a second one and see what happens.

Anonymous said...

that's a very good one seb! thanks a lot