Friday, November 24, 2006


Right after the Drugstore we started yesterday at pd3, an agency near Old Street. A little part from their website says

"Authentically creative people do not (even under torture) want a job. They will work with you, but not for you. We let our teams create ideas in a free-range manner and the end result is not that of a typical ad-land battery hack. We work with people who think without fear...of a boss...or a retainer...of an atom bomb...or even what their peers might say about them. They write books, launch mags, play in bands and do stand-up comedy. They are forging culture, not leeching from it. pd3 is a co-operative for these creative misfits. (Or, as our landlord calls us, a talent brothel)"

Sounds great, and it is. The first briefs we're working on are open for everything, it's big fun so far. Unfortunately Kristin is not here today but she'll be back on monday.

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