Tuesday, November 7, 2006

D&AD President's Lecture: James Jarvis

Last week we went to listen to James Jarvis in the Peacock theatre. Thanks to Gemma from Kendall Tarrant who had two spare tickets and we were just at the right place at the right time to get them, cheers!
Jarvis is the creator of the potato heads and his name should be familiar to anyone who is into designer toys. One of his very first toys is Martin. I really liked listen to James telling about how he struggled to decide on what helmets the policemen in his potato head world should look like.

Creating characters, the worlds they live in and toys people like to have in their homes – that's how advertising should be! We need to aspire stuff that we are proud of and that people actually enjoy. Did you ever felt like ripping your student bookapartt and starting from scratch on? Mmmmhhh... *rip*

James loves the process of drawing and heshowss us

Whole worlds created for the potato heads

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