Tuesday, November 7, 2006

Promax Charity Challange

On saturday we were invited to present our 30" tv idea for crisiscampaigns we did with iris. Our presentation went good, still another agency won the opportunity to shoot the spot. The best bit was the direct feedback from the jury after every idea. It was a good lesson for us, and I do love failure, as long as we can draw something from it!

Thanks to Russel for illustrating the storyboard so amazingly well! We really do like this TV idea and will work a campaign out of it for our book, if you would like to see the script, invite us over.

We need to improve on our presentation skills

The iris-crisis crew discussing the challange with a beer

Storyboard in the making

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frieda said...

es geht ja einiges ab bei euch. spannend! :)

sieht so aus, als hättest du spaß!
freut mich für dich.