Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Gamble on your commute

We've been quite busy sorting things out, doing work for our placement and our book, Kris is doing some freelance work on the side (nighttime) and I'm taking care of my new flat. So in order to make up our absence we present you this concept. Found as a film on Short & Sweet on monday, tubepoker is well worth to take a look at.

'This is Poker with a difference - cards are replaced by people. Whether male or female, young or old, everyone is worth a certain value. The game can be played by two opposing players on any train with five seats in a row.'

If it's a real thing or something Simon Levene made up for his brilliant short film, find out for yourself and check out
My friends and I played two games last night on the way home. Even if I couldn't stand a chance against Marco's royal flash and lost my change, it was big fun. Try yourselves and pass it on.

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