Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Graham Fink

We were lucky enough to see Graham Fink the executive creative director of M&C Saatchi yesterday. Out of nowhere he dropped us an email around Christmas inviting us an in to see him. After one canceled meeting last month we were in his diary again, but this time we made it.

You hear all sorts of Mr. Fink so we were quite curious about his office and were not disappointed to find he has one of the coolest offices we've visited. Graham was already familiar with some of our work as he met us at the Cream Exhibition and enjoyed the new stuff in the portfolio. He gave some great advice on specific campaigns but the overall guidance was ever better and very motivating.

He took some time to write us a comment at the end of the book which sums up the meeting pretty well. We'll make sure to take it in.


Anonymous said...

Is that the 'Hummer' ad in your book?

Anonymous said...

Did Graham use his "awkwardly long silences" technique when you met up with him?

Anonymous said...

I like his advice, go, take it, please.

I'm really gettin bored of reading this blog, it's like a soap where nothing happens, you literally should have the best book in the country by now.

(P.S. Please please say that isn't the same hummer ad, if it is then it better have the best line in the world to make it any good)

Anonymous said...

What's this new work then Wal?
I've heard of some J2O ads but not seen them anywhere!

]-[appy Thought said...

Take it as a compliment he didn't tell you to stop doing advertising. He asked a friend of mine what else he enjoyed doing, he answered he enjoyed writing music, to which Mr. Fink's repost was

"why don't you go do that instead then?"


Mike said...

Did he keep you waiting long?

I have to admit, I did want to have a gander and his personal library there...

On a slightly less pretentious chair too I see, although it's probably still ridiculously expensive.

a shameless plug (sorry guys) to when we went and saw him... thoughts welcome.

**If anyone's up for some more reading.

Anonymous said...

So how long have you guys been out of uni for now?
You seem to keep seeing this top cd and that top cd or other, freelancing and visiting countless places but it seems your book cant be improving that much, after all the advice your getting - or shouldn't you be in a job by now?

Anonymous said...

So you guys are collecting CD's autographs and shit?

Can you guys be anymore lame?

Anonymous said...

three years and counting Anon 10:26!

At least they're getting work, experience and access to people many don't have.

They're not sitting idle.

Anonymous said...

surely after 3 years its time to give up - i think you are at that position where you can get freelance at middle of the road agencies like the bank or placements at top agencies, but don't you have to ask yourselves why isn't it ever turning into anything permanent?
Maybe you should reconsider your options? i dunno what does everyone else think?

Anonymous said...

All valid points 1:28, and definitely worth them thinking about.

There's also merit in sticking it out and not giving up on what you want.

I must say, for me, I'd want to see improvement, progress in what I'm doing and not just treading water.

It's harder now than it has been for some time to land a perm job so best of luck to you. Might be the time to re assess your goals and what you'd accept as a first job though. Remember it's your first job, not last! You won't be there for ever.

Anonymous said...

Would be great to see some of your new work guys?
Keep in mind that there are hundreds of interested juniors that read this blog and admire what you are doing. Try to ignore the nit-wits who get off at poking fun at you two.
Keep it up!


Anonymous said...

I'd too like to see your new work guys!!!!

Anonymous said...

Anon above, if you're referring to Anons 1:28 & 2:17, they're not nit wits poking fun at Jai & Wal.
They're making constructive comments.
They like J & W (at least I think they do), they just want to see them get a job after what is a very long time doing placements -even by creative grad standards- or give up and do something in which they are successful.

They seem to have got carried away with the fame, having a well-known blog, a following etc. and lost site of the objective, to get a full time job.

You can't only listen to praise & confine everyone else who criticises to the category of nitwit just because you don't like what they're saying.

Imagine if they went to crits with that attitude?!

JP said...

Patrick Collister gave us an interesting approach which might be useful to you. You pick a goal for a particular age and work backwards working out the steps needed to achieve it. For example 'retire at 50'. So that means I'd need to make alot of money fast. That probably means I need to sell an agency. Which means I need to be an ECD somewhere first around late 30's, giving me time to build my own great agency. Which means I need to be a CD around 35. Group Head around 32, senior 30, junior 26.

Of course this is overly simplistic but what it does do is give a rough time line. This gives you focus on the bigger picture so you don't drift. It's good for making career decisions. If you're a junior at 30 it means you need to get your skates on and win something or move to climb up.

Anonymous said...

Anon 2:17 doesn't seem critical, just weighing up both points of view really I thought.

Everyone must surely have a limit on how long they'll placement until their first job?

If you go by JPs workings, you need a job in the next few months Wal - you're 27 in Sept! Getting your skates on might be required :-)

Anonymous said...

27! wow. I didn't know that.

Anonymous said...

That looks like he signed your actual portfolio case. Is it a funky metal one? Not sure if Fink telling you to be better is good to have physically on your portfolio if you're then showing it to other people.

Anonymous said...

Guys, is that really the same, lame Hummer Campaign in your book?......

You should be (if you are good enough) be wanting to come up with new campaigns every few days in your quest to get a job.

The only way you should keep old campaigns is if you have been told it's the best book teams have seen in ages, you'll know when that is when it becomes very easy to get placements at good places.

Why are you not on placement at a good agency? it's the only way you will get a job, not by fannying around by still seeing people with your book. You should know what is required a long time ago.

Sorry to be harsh but it's crazy you still seem naive grads straight out of college. Good luck.

Anonymous said...

12:54 I like it, well ahead of the game.

Anonymous said...

Fink looks like a hairdresser.