Thursday, April 2, 2009

Visiting creative orchestra

Earlier this week we traveled to visit a new agency here in London called creative orchestra. Several people were chatting about this place in the first few weeks since they opened shop and this made us quite curious. Their office is hidden away in north Islington although full with nice stuff and a bunch of young people, in fact that's what this place is about: Young creative talent. Chris & Victoria, the founders and creative directors, want to assemble a force of 25 juniors from different creative disciplines and offer their services to clients on a project basis and to advertising agencies as an independent creative department. For the talent it means a different way of compensation, the more you accomplish the more you earn.

They have a few briefs floating around the place for interesting brands and seem to be a hive of busy idea bees as they also encourage the youngsters to realize their own ideas and develop original intellectual property. The place seems to have a a good vibe about it, fun is an integral part of their creative process. They pulled off a couple of stunts to introduce themselves to the industry, send aging cream to Mother, wrote a April's fool article on campaign and held a creative session for a day on the circle line.

They do enjoy being called the new Mother by others and had some positive comments from other rock star agencies like Anomaly. We'd say it's a teenage pregnancy so far, we'll have to give them the nine months to see how it works out with the motherhood. We salute their fresh approach which is rather relevant to us and many other young creatives out there. We're curious where it goes and the work to come out of creative orchestra. Maybe we'll even get to contribute.


June said...

The project sounds fantastic!
Not sure about the name though. A place whose name is "Creative ___________" actually makes me think the opposite.

Anyway, their ideas are fun, really.
Will you be giving it a go, Wal?
You should! Maybe you could help them with that name :)

Ali said...

Have to say those clips on Mother holding page represent perfectly what Mother is about:

Wacky films, some fun, some boring, but all of them pretty useless.

Mum said...

Don't mean to scare you two but the next lot of graduates will be out in 2 months and counting. As Dave Trott says there is only 1 job for every 20 grads. This year there might be less......

You can bloody do it you bloody ninny's!!

Anonymous said...

Whats next? Giving out your bank account details.

Guys you should really keep a lid on what you're doing.

In your position you should be quiet as possible with any opportunities that come your way.

Im sure a lot of people will say "It doesn't matter if you're good enough" but I really don't think you have that luxury.

Its getting busy and desperate out there...

Anonymous said...

Sounds like a good project tbf. All creatives. May need ONE planner but can see the thinking behind it. Cuts out the unnecessary middle men.

Think the industry needs something to ignite it as it seems a bit stagnated. That's not to say it's just the economic climate we are in, but creatives are often get a raw deal within the industry in regards to getting a chance to show their worth (where as you always see a planner or account person added to an agency each week it seems!)

Anonymous said...

Lads, no offence, but why don't you stop kissing everybody's arse and say it like it is: Creative Orchestra is a load of pretentious bollocks, a rabble of 'creatives' from any and every discipline drawing pictures on the sides of cows and what-not in an effort to be 'different'. They don't know what they are or what they want to be (actually they do, they want to be everything to everyone) and it will be a surprise if they don't sink without trace.

Of course, that's just my opinion, lol.

Anonymous said...

I think it sounds like a scam. Getting a bunch of young creatives to do all the donkey work and getting paid, i'm guessing, peanuts. Secondly, be very careful of agencies that hyperbole themselves up with fancy pr stunts when at the end of the day it's down to the work to speak volumes. Also, I've got to agree with a previous post about keeping some things to yourselves. As you both well know, your priority is getting a job. I'm sounding a little heavy here but I really want you guys to succeed. You're both top blokes and deserve the break just keep a few things close to your chest. best of luck.

Anonymous said...

Thank God someone is championing talent and growing it. So many ad agencies have sold out and treat talent like workers in a Primark seat shop. You'll get your fans (and those that matter are talking about you) and you'll get your critics. My advice, ignore the wankers who put you down, they are either jealous, traditionalists or not talented enough. Did Mother reply to your anti-ageing cream stunt?

Anonymous said...

I'm in tune with the last comment. Go for it guys!!! Rock and roll.

Anonymous said...

How arrogant? -

"We'd say it's a teenage pregnancy so far, we'll have to give them the nine months to see how it works out with the motherhood. "

Your in a position to make such judgements clearly!

Yet, you're keeping your options open:

"Maybe we'll even get to contribute."

Barry said...

Anonymous said...
How arrogant? -
Your in a position to make such judgements clearly!

It should be 'you're' not 'your' and the sentence structure is all wrong. Obviously not a copywriter.

Anonymous said...

Well put anon 02:20. Does sound a bit arrogant guys. Thses guys are doing their best and actually breaking a few rules to try and make. And you two decide to give them a little crit on your blog. Not very fair.

Although i do agree, you guys should get in there - share some ideas. If these are being touted as the new mother is it not best to get in there before they become the new mother - then become near enough impossible to work for?

good luck.

Anonymous said...

we're not giving them a crit on our blog. we tell people about them and show their offices. we are excited about them, it's rather great what they are trying to do. yet we have to wait what it turns out to be, thus the comparison. we do hope they succeed, it would be ace.

Anonymous said...

Barry, whilst you are factually correct, it should be 'you're' not 'your' but surely someone is simply trying to get their point across?

What are you adding by nit picking over grammar?

I really don't understand your approach to work Wal, there's an opportunity you have spotted yourself to get in an agency early but instead you'll sit and watch others get in there before you.

Things won't get handed to you on a plate! Why do you have to wait and see how things develop with the agency?

golublog said...

Agency beds. Seems good in theory. But it probably means people are sleeping there often.