Wednesday, April 23, 2008

What is you favourite deadly sin?

Eating shit, killing babies, beating Jude to death, anal sex, murdering a man of the law, pissing on the stage, throwing shit at the audience, spitting spitting spitting, tearing off Satan’s penis and beating him with it, farting, singing about rape, whores, paedophiles and rotten grandmothers. Those are just a few of the things the Tiger Lillies shared with us last night when they guided us from heaven to hell in the New Player Players Theatre in their new cabaret piece '7 Deadly Sins'.

Ninety minutes filled with darkness, laughter and obscenity left us entertained and our souls stained with macabre joy, greedy for more. In their words: 'Only fools and idiots are optimistic'.


proxikid said...

what a bizzare event!
You have to tell more about it.

Anonymous said...

hey, i love tiger lillies, where were they performing? wish i knew about it, definately would have come!

Anonymous said...

they are still in town for another 3 nights, you better hurry.

@proxikid, it was bizzare indeed :) check out their website, they have lots of great write ups about the show and theres a short video on the soho theatre website.

for me it was great fun, i loved their music before but on stage you can see their superb act, which is one not to miss if you're interested into to the dark side of society ;)

]-[appy Thought said...

Best. Paragraph. Ever