Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Two weeks at Leo Burnett London

Fourteen days, three placement teams, two briefs and one big table. Time for a short recap. We've spent most of our time on a brief for Child Road Safety, which is pretty open, very exciting and quite huge (a big idea type of brief). The other one on our desk is for an online campaign for Beefy & Lamby, we've got to get more people eating meat. To spice things up, this week we've launched an attack on traffic to get more assignments to keep us going.

The agency's in Kensington Village, the office seems quite isolated, but that's quite nice as it has it's own outdoor area with lots of green, benches and pigeons; fab for those rare sunny hours. On the inside, it's feels really chilled, light and spacious, and not like a big agency that's a part of the Publicis machine. In fact there's just enough space for some after hours football, maybe we'll give that a go.
We're working hard on every brief and eagerly waiting for our reviews. That's what this placement is about. We want to be better than the other teams, the ones on placement, and the ones with jobs.


Anonymous said...

Sounds good - and you're enjoying it which is great!

Let us know what you come up with for these 2 briefs when you can - it'll be good to see your campaigns and know what the people who matter think about it.

Doesn't time fly, just a month left then (unless they extend it of course)

Anonymous said...

hey folks,

thanks for the mention a few posts back. glad to hear all is fine and dandy. look forward to seeing more of your work on here. keep it up!