Sunday, July 22, 2007


Sorry for reporting back on this so late but the weather has been to good to be inside – right.

This AHA! was great, lots of people, different people, more people than last time, thanks everyone for coming around! Thanks to my dear friends from creativistan namely Reinhard, Christos, Sara and Oksana for organizing this together with me!

Besides mingling, chatting and drinking we tried this time to find the ultimate answer on how make life more meaningful. We asked everyone to tell us their secret wisdom of life on an AHA! fortune cookie paper. They did. While people were reflecting heavily about their contributions to what is now know as the 'AHA! way of life', sadly, someone nicked Charles' bag and Lauren's iPod. Have a look at the pieces of wisdom they sacrificed to write:
  • 'It's all about the people' Renee
  • 'Don't scream at a deaf person' Camilla
  • 'The path is hard, but the butterflies are flying' Julien
  • 'Star today what you've planned for tomorrow' Christos
  • 'Stand on the steeple and piss on the people' A.J.
  • 'Always try to remember peoples names, it's just polite, sadly I remember no ones!' Damien Knowles The Kiwi
  • 'Going down every little helps' Juliana
  • 'Don't get caught in the shower when a fire alarm goes off...' Ann
  • 'You are going to have lot of sex, but no tonight!' Anonymous
  • 'Don't shit where you sleep!' Agatha
  • 'Your shoes will watch your shadow so polish them,
    otherwise you will lose your shadow.'
  • 'Arts Lunga – Vita Brevis. If you can't do the best why even bother with the rest?' Oksana
  • 'A bird does not sing because it has an answer, it sings because it has a song.' Ray
  • 'Peace still works.' Nina
  • 'The yellow snow is the tastiest. Don't listen to the rest.' Peter Brown
  • ' A Jelly Baby walks into a bar – bar keeper says what's that smell?
    Jelly Baby says 'Oh Fucking all sorts!'
  • 'To thine own self be true.' Lauren
  • 'An idea is like a leaf that needs rescue from the wind' T.C. Jeeves Basu
  • 'You can't always get what you want.' Charles
  • 'Don't take yourself to serious! Seriously.' Marco Warstat
  • 'Pigeon, oiseau à la grise robe, Dans l'enfer des villes, à ma vue tu te dérobes.
    Tu es vraiment le plus agile'
  • 'What if OK isn't OK? If this was true, no-one would ever be happy.
    Strive for everything, but there is value in being content'
  • 'The Picture has a moustache. It's how you perceive it.' Matt
  • 'What doesn't kill you makes you stronger.' Tam
  • 'A book tightly shut is nothing but a block of paper' Ray
  • 'The path is long indeed, but the door at the end is not Blue.' Wal
Enlightened? We hope so. We can't wait for the next one! See flickr (or facebook) for more pictures. And come along to the one in august. AHA!


Adsurd said...

Sad to miss this. But NY was calling. :D
As for the qeustion, my answer would be:
"start today what you've planned for tomorrow"

Charles Edward Frith said...

You can't always get what you want. I'm guessing this was aimed directly at me. Nice to see it come back via the internet after writing it down.

Great to see you and meet up with the others too. I've posted already what you keenly observed on the night.

See you soon I hope.

Seb said...

Here are my, at least, four pieces of wisdom I like:

"Only the nose knows where the nose goes, when the door's closed" (Muhammad Ali)

"Show me a sane man and I will cure him for you"
(Carl Gustav Jung)

"Fail, fail again, fail better"
(Samuel Beckett)

(Homer J. Simpson)

lauren said...

despite the ipod business, i had a great time! hopefully i can make the next one too!

anthony said...

it was fun, cheers for organising. beersphere on the 15th aug?

Unknown said...

hello, i would like to know which type you've been using for the identity of the AHA! event ! this type looks georgeous !