Tuesday, July 3, 2007


This is my 103rd blog post. StatCounter says 13.000 people visited the site so far. I very much enjoy writing and will do more of it once some stress cools off. Stress? I'm having a bookcrit at a great creative agency on Thursday, didn't have a crit for some time now so I have the jimjams – but in a good way! Still, there are things to prepare and that's very enjoyable. I'll write about it, once it happens. Also the next AHA! is coming up soon. Good things to happen.


proxikid said...

Just read about a new drug in development that could erase all the bad memories! imagine that.
You have something to hide or you don't want to ever remember that happeninig again, so you take a pill!
Ha. That simple.

...and so that you don't think this is a completely irrelevant comment, 103 is makinging you sound a wee bit old, you know. sooo, if you were ever thinking of forgetting it... Harvard is the place to go!

Anonymous said...

13,000 people, probably not. I doubt they will be unique visits, but your blog is clearly popular - well done.

Anonymous said...

104 posts now

Anonymous said...

yes you're right. looking at a proper statistic it says

Pageloads: 13,048
Unique Visitors: 9,600
First Time Visitors: 6,693
Returning Visitors: 2,907