Wednesday, August 1, 2007

Blogging pause

Welcome, to the intermission. It's august and I'm away from London in Hamburg, doing random stuff, meeting friends, playing games and working on my portfolio. Will be back in London soon - I am preparing some posts in the meantime, about music, rum, and advertising. Won't be blogging regularly in august though. Enjoy the quirky summer.

Off to see the simpson movie now. Check here for advertising world news so long.

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Anonymous said...

when is u comin bk?

Just thought I'd pose a question: if you were offered a job would you automatically take it? The agency might not be 100% what you thought you'd do, good enough work, lovely people, good wage - would you take the job, have an income and 1st job in the industry, perhaps intend to look else where still, or wait even longer and look for the ideal agency?