Sunday, March 7, 2010

Robbin Waldemar Portfolio

Together with my creative partner Robbin we've released our new portfolio this weekend:

There are still a few things that need to grow past the beta phase but the essential stuff is up. Please tell us what you think about the portfolio itself and the work featured on it. And if you're happen to look for a creative team for your agency to do an internship this spring, please get in touch at or


Anonymous said...

site is nice, work ok - but that video on the home page makes you guys look like a right couple of knob jockeys

Unknown said...

well, half constructive, half bullshit. thanks for the comment anyway.

Anonymous said...

website is amazing wal. Probably the best student website i have seen. (website - not work) Clean, simple and elegant.
The art direction for all of these projects are great. Really, really like the lipton ice tea work and i can see why you have left in the TFL posters - i could actually see them running.

Not too sure about the app and there are a few typos on the about us page.

Really good stuff wal. Come a long way since Jai. Hope everything goes well for you, sure someone will snap you up pretty sharpish.

Unknown said...

Thanks a lot for the feedback. I'll look into the typos right now and we're also looking to put up more work this week.

Writing application emails right now.

Anonymous said...

Lipton is Great.

Sweedish Army Good

The rest OK.

I thought HI was your chance to start again. TFL puts a downer on that. I'd lose it.

Harri and Petra ( approached their book from a similar way. There's however, IMO is better. Quality not quantity. It got them a job at Wiedens, being D & AD students of the year no doubt helped.

Lets hope your book sets an example and London can move on from this 7 strategies lark. I work in ATL side and if I came across a book like this I'd be far more excited than an A3 scamped book.

Well done!

Unknown said...

thanks! our D&AD work is yet to be released :)

Anonymous said...

fair play for sticking with it wal, would love to see some more work. specifically work you and robbin have done together. best of luck with the job hunt, you definitely deserve a break.

Anonymous said...

Lipton tea has been done in a very similar way. Think it was for coke or burger king anyway once you added the facebook app, it searched your friends profile pic and if they looked sad it sent them a voucher for a coke/burger to cheer them up.

Anonymous said...

You have a seriously round head

Anonymous said...

Great site Wal. Nice interface. Your face is also almost Pi 3.14 in circumference.

Ferris said...

Looking good guys. So, when's the new and improved i-Wal going to hit London?

Anonymous said...

Lose the underground stuff - start afresh!

Art direction as ever looks great. Wish you the best of luck - you're certainly determined.

I'm not a huge fan of your video but it shows you in a relaxed way which is good.